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Diplo’s Mother & Sister Sadly Die Within A Month Of Each Other: See DJ’s Heartbreaking Tribute

Diplo took to Instagram to share a tender tribute to his mother, just a month after his sister died.

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Diplo is saying goodbye to his beloved mother, Barbara Jean Pentz. In a heartbreaking Instagram tribute, shared Thursday, Aug. 24, the famed DJ paid tribute to his late mother — and revealed that his sister had tragically also died in July. In the first throwback pic, his mother wore a brunette pixie cut as she cuddled the future DJ as a toddler. In another, he rocked a blue commencement gown with his mother and father, and in a third they chatted in a kitchen. A fourth snap showed his beautiful mom at Christmas with her family. In the fifth, he leaned in to kiss his mom on the cheek, and in the sixth, she beamed as he enjoyed a baby swing in early childhood. The next pic showed the roles reverse, as his mom in later life sat in a rocking chair as her grown son stood over her on a pier overlooking a lake.

“She was my first love, first woman in my life,” Diplo captioned the post in part. “Even as a grown man its a cosmic gut punch to lose your mother. When your grow up and u leave home. in a way it’s sad to think but u know mother is always there. even as a man – you would never call on your mom for things but you know somewhere deep inside that she would protect you. she give [sic] you your first feeling of security because she gave u a life. She carried you and protected you and gave up so much for you to be something.”

The award-winning DJ then went on to note that his mother loved and appreciated his career. “It’s sad to leave and find your way but my mom really loved my art,” he continued. “She didn’t even understand it all but she loved everything. She gave me all the confidence in the world & she supported me with all her energy. even when i broke and had nothing. she was on my myspace promoting me as Djmom1!”


Diplo added that she loved his three sons, as well. “She loved my babies too she was so proud of the little men they are becoming,” he added. Then came the most heartbreaking part — he revealed his sister Amy also died just last month. “My sister died in July and I think she brought our family together more than we have ever been,” he divulged in the post. “My mom was suffering a lot in her soul but also her body was fighting a fight she wasnt going to win. Momma knew me and my dad & my sister Kelly are ok. she knows we are good we gave her that peace.. My dad held her hand at the last breath 🤍 they been married since high school. We are safe but she needed to be with my sister Amy somewhere better.”

Diplo finished the post by saying his missed his mom, “the brightest light in my life,” and admitted that he cried at the airport over her loss. Diplo was born to Barbara Jean and father Thomas Pentz in Nov. 1978 in Tupelo, Mississippi.