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Shakira’s Ex Gerard Piqué Trolled By Kings League Fans In Madrid By Chanting Her Name: Watch

In what is the definition of 'awkward,' Gerard Piqué held an event for his Kings League at a Madrid nightclub, only to be greeted by people chanting 'Shakira' at him.

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It’s been a year since Shakira and Gerard Piqué ended their 11-year relationship, but the breakup was fresh in the mind of all those who gathered in a Madrid nightclub on Saturday (July 29). Gerard, 36, was on hand at the event commemorating the end of the Kings League season, and when he stepped out to address the crowd, the crowd started shouting back at him. The name of his ex – “Shakira, Shakira” – echoed throughout the club as Gerard stood with the mic in his hand.

After letting the crowd get it out of the system, Gerard took it in stride, per Hola!, and eventually took control of the evening. The trollish reaction could be, in part, a reaction to what he said during an April 2023 interview. “I am very disappointed with what society is,” he said. “So my ex is Latin American … you don’t know what I’ve gotten on social media from her fans. These people have no lives.”

“In the beginning, it was bad, and it reached a point where if I had let things get to me, I would have thrown myself off a cliff,” Gerard continued. “But I don’t care about any of it. Honestly, not at all because I don’t know them. These people have no lives, and why should I care?”

Shakira, 46, has been busy living her best life as a single mom. She’s also dealing with her ongoing tax evasion drama. In July, the world learned Shakira was facing a second investigation into tax fraud and that investigators were looking for an eight-year prison sentence.

Gerard, back when he was an active player. (Shutterstock)

For those curious, the King’s League, established by Gerard Piqué and other football personalities and internet streamers in December 2022, is a soccer/football organization that aims to shake up the sport. Instead of 90+ minute games, the matches are made of two 20-minute halves. Instead of eleven players, teams are seven-a-side. The league also utilizes unlimited substitutions and “secret weapon” cards – such as a free penalty kick or the removal of an opposing player for two minutes – to make the game palatable for the younger generation.

“Younger people are consuming content at all hours of the day, with two or three different devices,” Piqué told The Atlantic. “I can tell you from my own experience; I have two kids. They need everything quicker, it’s difficult for them to concentrate on anything for long. But they can also be involved in three different things at the same time. We should not force them to change their consumption habits. We have to adapt ourselves and our products to what the audience wants and likes.”