‘Kardashians’: Kim Apologizes To Kourtney As They Finally Hash Out D&G Fight

More than a month after their falling out, Kim and Kourtney talked things out and got to a better place on the July 6 episode of 'The Kardashians.'

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Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian finally hashed things out on the July 6 episode of The Kardashians. The discussion was filmed more than a month after Kim served as creative director for a fashion show for Dolce & Gabbana, which was the same brand that worked on Kourtney’s wedding just months prior. To begin the conversation, Kim explained to Kourtney how the project came about, starting as a collab with SKIMs, but eventually turning into a solo project when the SKIMs deal didn’t work out.

Kim insisted that she initially turned down the offer because she knew it was happening too soon after Kourtney’s wedding. However, D&G was planning on going through with a show based on their archive looks, regardless of whether Kim agreed to creative direct it or not. “I remember calling you and saying, ‘Hey, SKIMs isn’t going to do it, I’m still going to do it, do you want to come,'” Kim told Kourtney, who turned down the offer to attend.

Kourtney recalled the same phone call, but had a different view of exactly what went down. “I remember on the call I was like, ‘What are you calling me for, are you asking for my blessing?’ and you were like, ‘I guess,'” she said. “You called after the deal was done. You didn’t tell me to give me a heads up.”

kim kourtney kardashian
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at Fashion Week. (Shutterstock)

Kim point-blank asked Kourtney if she would’ve been okay with the collaboration if Kim had given her a heads up, and Kourtney had her reasons for possibly saying no. “My usual personality — because I don’t usually care about stuff like that — would be, ‘Okay, do it, take the money and run,’ Kourtney shared. “But because it was my wedding, it really wasn’t business for me. It was such a special day. I feel like it takes away from the specialness.”

Meanwhile, Kim pointed out that Kylie Jenner also did a campaign with D&G around Kourtney’s wedding, and Kourtney didn’t have an explanation as to why she didn’t care about that. “It’s something with ME, and I cannot figure out what it fully is,” Kim admitted.

Next, it was time for Kourtney to explain what she was so specifically upset about. She said that choosing D&G for her wedding was an “authentic” choice because she’d spent so many summers in Italy, living the lifestyle that she then recreated for her wedding. Kim was a bit triggered by that. “I got married in Italy!” Kim ranted in a confessional. “Am I saying she copied me by getting married in Italy? Who performed at my wedding? Andrea Bocelli. Who performed at Kourtney’s wedding? Andrea Bocelli. You stole my f****** wedding country and wedding performer. But I’m copying HER Dolce Vita lifestyle?”

Kourtney explained that she specifically chose 90s archives looks for her wedding weekend, despite D&G originally wanting to go with newer vibes. “[My stylist] spent days with Dolce’s whole team insisting, ‘I want 90s archives,'” Kourtney revealed. She also added, “I think they clearly [wanted to do] 90s [for the fashion show] after my wedding from me insisting [I had to do it]. I wouldn’t expect you to know any of that, but my biggest thing is that no one called me to be like, ‘Hey how do you feel about this?'”

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Kim and Kourtney out and about. (Shutterstock)

Kim then pointed out that she had made a similar 90s archives PDF with her stylist back in 2017, and wore her own archived looks to Kourtney’s wedding, hinting that she was actually the one to bring the 90s vibes first. She also explained to Kourtney that she turned down several looks for the collab that she felt were too close to what Kourtney used for her wedding. Still, Kourtney said that when she saw photos from the D&G show, she felt like she was literally looking at images from her wedding. Kim insisted they were “really different.”

Finally, Kim admitted to Kourtney that she would’ve been upset if things happened the other way around. “The last thing I wanna do is you think that I’m coming for you,” Kim told her sister. She also opened up about feeling like they’re not as close anymore following their 2019 physical fight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kourtney said she wanted to make more time to spend time with her sisters, and admitted that she had started avoiding problems rather than confronting them.

In the end, Kim apologized for “putting the business and the check” ahead of Kourtney’s feelings. “It happened. We are where we’re at. There’s nothing else I could say, but I totally understand,” Kim concluded. “I hear you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that my choices put us in this situation. I’m happy for the experience, but I’m sad and sorry that the experience hurt you. That’s not what I would ever want to do. I’m sad that me choosing to do this would hurt you or our relationship.”

Kim thanked her sister for apologizing and they moved on. Their producer complimented them both on expressing their feelings and listening to one another instead of getting upset, angry, or violent. Kim and Kourtney appear to be on good terms now, nearly 10 months after the confrontation was filmed.