Sherri Shepherd’s Wig Falls Off As She Hosts Talk Show Live: Watch

Gotta love Sherri! The comedian lost her wig on her daytime talk show and the hilarious moment has gone viral on the internet.

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Sherri Shepherd
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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Sherri Shepherd delivered a hilarious moment on her daytime talk show May 30 when her wig fell off her head. The 56-year-old comedian’s viral wig slip happened as she was talking about preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts, who recently lost her wig as she was giving a sermon, and decided to just take the wig off and continue speaking. Sherri, with the wig on her head, explained that she was “inspired” by Sarah Jakes because she can relate to the struggles of wearing a wig.

“Here’s the thing, when you wear wigs, you are trusting the person that put the wig on, that it’s going to be secure,” Sherri said to her live audience. “The thing about wigs is when it starts sliding, you can feel it slide. Because you will start out with it down here, and all of a sudden, it starts making its way up,” she added. “Especially if the wig weighs a lot. And all you can do is what Sarah Jakes did, which is pull it forward.”

Sherri praised Sarah Jakes for continuing the sermon without the wig “because there’s nothing you can do” when the wig falls off. “You can’t throw down the mic and walk out and try to fix it. The show must go on,” Sherri said. Then, as Sherri said that Sarah Jakes “inspired so many people,” she got out of her chair and her wig fell right off her head! Sherri was so dramatic about it while the audience cheered and laughed. “Oh shoot!” Sherri hilariously said.

Sherri Shepherd
Sherri Shepherd (Photo: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Sherri launched her New York-based talk show in September 2022 as a replacement to The Wendy Williams Show. Sherri filled in for her predecessor, Wendy Williams, when Wendy stepped away from her show for health reasons. Sherri is a seasoned daytime vet after her run on The View, which she started in 2007, and ended in 2014, but not before she won a Daytime Emmy Award. Sherri is bound to win more awards with her own show, where she’s provided hilarious on-air moments and riveting one-on-one interviews with her celebrity guests.