Sherri Shepherd Laughs Off Live Wardrobe Malfunction On Her Show: ‘It’s Too Much Boob’

The talk show host fixed a 'wardrobe snafu' live on-air in a hilarious clip, where she explained how her stylist was nervous seeing her walk out.

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Image Credit: SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

Sherri Shepherd couldn’t be stopped by a wardrobe malfunction. The talk show host, 55, welcomed her wardrobe stylist Willie Sinclair III to the stage at the top of her show to help her address a “snafu” on Thursday, March 9. Sherri seemed unbothered by the small issue, and she laughed and made jokes as he made adjustments to her gorgeous teal dress. “In daytime, you can’t have this much boob out,” she said before welcoming Willie out.


Courtesy of SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

Sherri revealed that before the show began the stylist had noticed that she may have been showing a little too much before trying to pin the outfit back, but the comedian warned that it may not work.  “Coming out on daytime, it’s just, sometimes it’s too much. So before the doors open, Willie said, ‘It’s too much boob.’ I don’t know what you think that’s going to do. You pulled it back a little bit? It’s going to pull it forward,” she quipped. “So he pinned it right before the doors were supposed to open up. As I was standing, I was praying for y’all.”

Sherri joked about having “boobs and brain,” but revealed that moments before the show began, the pin came out, despite Willie’s best efforts. “As the doors were opening up, the pin popped,” she said. “So I just pulled it and threw it out. So as I walked out, I could hear Willie go, [gasp]. So he is back here fixing it, but he keeps pinning it in the back. I keep telling him, they’re heavy. They’re going to pull it forward.”

Sherri’s wardrobe stylist adjusts her dress live on-air. (SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury)

After recounting what had happened, Sherri laughed about the whole thing, obviously keeping a good sense of humor about the situation, and as her stylist finished re-pinning her outfit, she gave him props. “We gotta do what we gotta do. So y’all just give Willie Sinclair III a hand,” she said, before moving on.