‘The Bachelor’ Finale Recap: Zach Makes His Final Decision

Zach Shallcross is ready to get engaged on 'The Bachelor' finale. Follow along here as he chooses between his final two women, Gabi and Kaity.

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The Bachelor finale kicked off with Zach Shallcross down to his final two women, Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki. Both women were questioning things after fantasy suite week. Gabi was worried that Zach regretted sleeping with her in the fantasy suite since he originally wanted a “no sex” rule. Katy was concerned that Zach hadn’t used the “L” word with her yet, fearing that he didn’t want a future with her if he hadn’t used the word “love” yet.

Zach Shallcross & Ariel Frenkel Reunite

Before getting to the episode, we caught up with Ariel Frenkel, who was eliminated after the fantasy suites. She praised Zach for making her feel comfortable throughout the experience, but admitted that the breakup didn’t hit her until she was in the car on the way home. Ariel was admittedly on the same page as Zach about the “no sex” rule, but said she wished they discussed that as a couple beforehand. Plus, she didn’t find out about Zach breaking his rule until she watched the episode. She said she was very hurt to find out on TV that Zach ended up being intimate with Gabi, then sharing that with Kaity, but not her. “I was really disappointed in the whole way the week was handled,” Ariel said.

zach shalllcross
Zach on ‘The Bachelor’ finale. (ABC)

Ariel got the chance to come face-to-face with Zach on the live show. She told Zach that she was upset at being left in the dark about what was happening during fantasy suite week. She pointed out that he had plenty of time to tell her when the “no sex” rule changed, including after he eliminated her. Zach admitted to having a lot of regrets about how he handled things with Ariel and regrets about setting the parameters that he did. In the end, though, Ariel didn’t want to reduce their relationship to that one situation. She looked back fondly on their time together and was able to accept his apology.

Gabi & Kaity Meet Zach’s Family

Back in the pre-recorded episode, Zach reunited with his family in Thailand. Before introducing Gabi and Kaity to his parents, he admitted he didn’t have a clear path going forward. Gabi was up first, and wanted to have a conversation with Zach about the previous week before taking the next step of meeting his family.

During the conversation, Zach was able to reassure Gabi that their intimacy didn’t make him feel like a “failure.” He told her that he was having feelings of love in his heart for her. “He listened to what I was feeling. He reassured me,” Gabi gushed. “It made me feel a lot better about where I’m at and why I’m here.” After the day with Zach’s family, Gabi told Zach she was in love with him.

Next, it was Kaity’s turn. Kaity went into the day feeling really good about her connection with Zach, but she also knew that he had been intimate with Kaity, and knew there was a possibility that Zach could be falling in love with both of them. Kaity got emotional while talking to Zach’s mom and sisters about her feelings and how she’d feel if things didn’t work out. She felt comfortable with the family and the possibility of being part of it, especially since she didn’t have a traditional family and upbringing growing up. Kaity also told Zach’s dad that she was “very in love” with his son. This conversation was particularly important since Kaity didn’t have a steady father figure growing up. After the successful day, Kaity also told Zach that she loved him for the first time.

Gabi & Kaity’s Final Dates

zach shallcross gabi elnicki
Zach and Gabi on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Going into the final dates of the season, Zach was “still torn” about his decision. Kaity had her date first. It was another amazing day, and she reiterated to Zach how in love she was with him. By the end of the night, though, Kaity still had doubts about whether or not Zach was saying the same things to Gabi as he was to her. “It scares me because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” she admitted.

Gabi went into her second date feeling like she was in a really good spot. However, she started having some doubts as the day went on after Zach admitted that he still was “torn” and had a “tough decision” to make. She got emotional and upset, not knowing where she stood. At the nighttime portion of the date, Gabi told Zach how scared she was by him feeling so indecisive.

“It’s weird for me because my heart is being tugged in two places,” Zach shared. “What feels right to me is embracing and having all the moments I can. For such a big life decision like an engagement where it’s forever, I’m doing what feels right to just fully experience to the very end. I want you to know how serious I’m taking this.” Zach was upset that he couldn’t give Gabi a clearer answer, and she was still feeling in her head.

Who Does Zach Shallcross Pick?

Finally, it came time for Zach to make his decision. Gabi was first to arrive at the rose ceremony, so the writing was on the wall. Even as she showed up, she could feel in her gut that she wasn’t getting picked. As Zach gave his speech, Gabi interrupted him and told him she didn’t want to hear it. She felt strung along and just wanted to go home. She wished Zach the best and assured him Kaity was an amazing person, but she still felt heartbroken and unlovable. Both Gabi and Zach were in tears as she left.

At After the Final Rose, the two spoke on-camera for the first time since the breakup. Gabi called Zach out for broadcasting their intimate moment with the world, and he apologized from the “bottom of his heart.” Unfortunately, with the segment being live, their conversation was cut off before they could complete it. The show must go on.

katy zach the bachelor

Now, that left only Kaity left for Zach, and he was ready to propose to his best friend. They both professed their love to each other before Zach got down on on knee and proposed. He presented Kaity with a gorgeous oval cut ring, which she accepted. When the two came on After the Final Rose following the airing of the finale, they confirmed that they’re happily still together.