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Ariel Frenkel: 5 Things To Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant In Zach’s Top 3

Heading into week 9 of 'The Bachelor,' Ariel Frenkel is one of the three lucky ladies who's hoping for an engagement with Zach Shallcross.

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  • Ariel Frenkel is one of the women falling for Zach Shallcross on season 27 of ‘The Bachelor.’
  • During the March 20 episode, Ariel is one of just three women left who’s hoping to get engaged to Zach.
  • Ariel lives in New York City and works in marketing.

Ariel Frenkel’s relationship with Zach Shallcross has been getting more serious as the weeks go on on The Bachelor. Although Ariel didn’t get a one-on-one with Zach until week 6, their connection has continued to build, and she brought him home to meet her family during hometown dates on March 13. Ariel’s brother, Bobby, was very skeptical about how fast the process of getting engaged is on The Bachelor, and he put Zach through the ringer with his questions on the hometown date.

However, despite the tough Q&A with Bobby, Zach could still see a future with Ariel, and he gave her one of the three hometown date roses. Now, she’ll get the chance to spend the night with Zach in the fantasy suite on the March 20 episode. Learn more about Ariel below.

ariel renkel
Ariel Frenkel on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

1. What Is Ariel’s Job?

Ariel currently works as a Freelance Marketing Consultant, according to her LinkedIn. However, she is also a Business to Consumer Account Planner at the Financial Times, where she’s worked since April 2021. Before that, she was a Project Manager at Earl Enterprises from April 2018 until April 2020 in Los Angeles. Ariel has had a number of internships over the years, mostly in television and publicity/marketing. She’s interned at William Morris Endeavor, Steiner Studios, Lionsgate and more.

2. Where Did Ariel Go To College?

Ariel attended George Washington University from 2012 until 2016. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Sciences. During her time in college she was in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. In high school, Ariel took a summer creative writing course at New York University (2011), as well as a summer course in Creative Writing and Art History in Barcelona, Spain (2010).

ariel frenkel zach shallcross
Ariel getting a rose from Zach. (ABC)

3. Ariel Is A World Traveler

Ariel’s Instagram page is full of photos from her travels around the world. “[Ariel] is a woman of the world and has traveled everywhere from Europe to Asia to South America and more,” Ariel’s ABC bio reveals. Even when she’s at home, Ariel is looking for new adventure. “When she’s not jet-setting, she loves exploring her hometown of New York City and going on long walks,” her bio adds. Some of the locations she’s shared photos from include St. Barts, Spain, France, Portugal and many more.

4. What Nationality Is Ariel?

Ariel is Ukranian. “She comes from a big, loving Ukranian family and is looking to find love like her parents have,” Ariel’s ABC bio says. The 28-year-old is also very passionate about her Jewish heritage, as her LinkedIn page reveals that she has volunteered at the United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York. During her hometown date with Zach, she introduced him to food at a Jewish deli in New York City. She also opened up to him about how her parents had to flee Russia because they weren’t welcome there due to being Jewish.

5. Ariel Is A Foodie

Not only does Ariel often post photos of food from her travels on Instagram, but she even studied cooking in Italy. In 2012, Ariel took a summer culinary course in Florence, Italy at the Apicius School of Culinary Arts, according to LinkedIn. She “learned how to prepare Italian cuisine by region, as well as the historical background of each region,” her page reveals.