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Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Blonde Hair Makeover During Travis Barker’s Finger Surgery: Video

Kourtney Kardashian also dyed her hair amid Travis Barker's pancreatitis hospitalization last June.

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Image Credit: NR: Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Blonde Hair Makeover During Travis Barker’s Finger Surgery: Watch Sara Whitman Fri 3/3/2023 4:16 PM Thank you! Yeah it was hard to find because he deleted the video of her blonde hair less than an hour after posting it lol Paige Kindlick Sara Whitman;Hollywood Life Photo Distribution Broadimage/Shutterstock

Both Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have undergone some physical changes recently. The 43-year-old The Kardashians star seemingly pulled a Kim Kardashian and dyed her hair platinum blonde, which was revealed by Travis, 47, when he shared a video of her new look in an Instagram slideshow that updated fans on the surgery he obtained to mend the torn ligament in a finger on his left hand. In the video, seen below, she had her super blonde locks tied in a bun. Travis deleted the video of his wife of 10 months less than an hour after he posted the update, but a fan recorded the video and shared it on Twitter.

The footage showed Kourtney and Travis in a prayer circle with a person cloaked in a grey hoodie. Kourtney prayed to Jesus that Travis’ finger makes a full recovery so he can get on the road for years to come. “I pray that you keep a wall of fire around Travis. May angels be in his surgery room,” she began. “I pray that you fix his finger so that he can play drums the way he wants to for the rest of his life. And may you comfort him and let him enjoy his rest and keep him safe and heal him up so we have him playing the drums as crazy as he wants.”

The other portion of the Blink-182 drummer’s slideshow showed him lying in a hospital bed with a cast on his left arm as well as a gory photo of his finger being cut wide open. “Thank you for all the love and prayers and understanding this week as I went into surgery. It was a hard decision to make but ultimately I couldn’t continue to play the drums without it. It was inevitable that my finger would have dislocated again without fixing the torn ligament surgically,” he wrote in the caption of his March 3 post. “So grateful for Dr. Shin and that my surgery was a success so that I can keep doing what I love and see you guys on tour soon.”

Travis damaged his finger while he was rehearsing for the upcoming Blink-182 reunion tour, which includes their original lineup of Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis. Unfortunately, the tour — which was set to kick off later this month — has been postponed due to Travis’ injury. Tom, 47, made the announcement via a video shared on his Instagram page on March 1. “I’m so sorry to everyone in South America that we couldn’t be down there,” he began. “This has been something we’ve been aiming to do for so long and we work so hard and we just kind of had one of those freak accidents that nobody saw coming.”

“Travis needs to go in and have surgery on his finger and we have to get that well,” he continued. “We have to get that strong before we can do anything else. This is just so sad. These were the biggest shows we ever played. These are some of the most important places in the world for a band. This is like, the pinnacle of our career was coming down and playing for you guys. So I really want you all to know that we are devastated and we plan to come back.”

Surprisingly enough, Travis was just out of the hospital the last time the mother of three made a drastic change to his hair. Kourtney debuted a purple-hinted hair color on July 5, 2022, shortly after the musician was released from a hospital stay after suffering from pancreatitis.