Sally Field Reveals Why Ex Burt Reynolds Was Her ‘Worst’ On-Screen Kiss: Watch

Sally Field named the late Burt Reynolds, who she actually dated for four years, as her 'worst' on-screen kiss on Andy Cohen's talk show!

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Sally Field, 76, was asked who her least-favorite on-screen kisser was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and her answer surprised everyone. “This is gonna be a shocker, so hold on folks,” Sally said during her Dec. 1 appearance on the late-night show. The Brothers & Sisters star revealed it was her late partner Burt Reynolds, as the audience gasped. Andy Cohen pointed out that Sally actually dated Burt back in the day.

Sally Field
Sally Field and Burt Reynolds (Photo: ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection)

“I tried to look the other way, and say, ‘Well that was just then.’ It was just not something he did very well,” Sally said about Burt, who she first smooched on-camera in the 1977 movie Smokey And The Bandit. They dated for four years until they split in 1980.

Sally told Andy that she “could go into detail” about Burt’s subpar kissing skills. The Real Housewives boss pressed the Oscar winner for more details and asked if Burt’s tongue was the problem. Sally clarified that the tongue “was not totally involved,” though Burt was guilty of “a lot of drooling.”

Sally Field
Sally Field on ‘WWHL’ December 1 (Photo: NBC)

Sally had a difficult relationship with Burt, which she openly discussed in a March 2022 interview with Variety. “He was not someone I could be around,” the Mrs. Doubtfire star said. “He was just not good for me in any way. And he had somehow invented in his rethinking of everything that I was more important to him than he had thought, but I wasn’t. He just wanted to have the thing he didn’t have. I just didn’t want to deal with that,” she added.

Burt died at the age of 82 in Sept. 2018 after suffering a heart attack at a Florida hospital. Sally reacted to Burt’s passing in a brief but meaningful statement at the time. “There are times in your life that are so indelible, they never fade away. They stay alive, even 40 years later. My years with Burt never leave my mind. He will be in my history and my heart, for as long as I live. Rest, Buddy,” Sally said.

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