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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Andrew Leaves The Beach After Realizing His Heart Is Still With Teddi

Despite forming a connection with Ency Abedin, Andrew Spencer's heart was still with Teddi Wright, leading him to exit 'Bachelor in Paradise' on the Nov. 15 episode.

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It’s been weeks since Teddi Wright ended her relationship with Andrew Spencer and left Bachelor in Paradise. Since then, he had a brief connection with Brittany Galvin before pursuing Jessenia Cruz. However, he ended things with Jessenia during week four after a date with Ency Abedin. During the Nov. 15 episode, Jessenia pulled Andrew aside to speak her mind about how he handled the situation. “I don’t think he ever took me as seriously as I took him,” she admitted. “I’d really like an answer and I’m feeling disheartened. I want him to know how invested I was in this process and that the way he handled things was a bit hurtful and insensitive.”

Jessenia interrupted Ency and Andrew while they were playing a game and asked him to chat. He left Ency to have some one-on-one time with Jessenia. She questioned what he wanted to get out of Paradise, and he insisted he was there to find love. “You have to consider the track record,” Jessenia pointed out. “It starts with Teddi, then Brittany briefly, then I arrive and now Ency. It’s like, you get to a point with each one, but not enough to commit or really explore something.”

andrew spencer
Andrew at a ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ event. (ABC)

Jessenia accused Andrew of just “skirting by” Paradise, and he explained that that’s how the process works. He said he wanted to explore different connections to see who he fit best with. Andrew said that he was having a tough time in Paradise and almost left before Ency came, but once she arrived, he wanted to see it through with her. In the middle of the conversation, Ency interrupted the two to pull Andrew aside herself, but he shut her down. “I have to finish this conversation,” he told her. “I’m sorry. I have to. Give me a second.”

Ency was pissed and ranting about Andrew after walking away. Andrew apologized to Jessenia for wasting her time, and as they were getting to an okay place, Ency interrupted again. “I don’t know what validation you’re giving her, but I’m asking you to walk away from this with me right now if you care to pursue anything with us,” she insisted. Andrew assured Ency he would come and speak with her once he smoothed things out with Jessenia, who he said he wanted to be friends with after this.

andrew spencer jessenia cruz
Andrew and Jessenia at a cocktail party. (ABC)

As the back and forth between Andrew and Jessenia continued, he finally came clean about why his head wasn’t in it with her. “My heart’s still with someone else,” he admitted. “Teddi. That’s the reason why. I have nothing here. I tried with you, Brittany, with Ency. I can’t move on until I get clarity and I don’t have it. I could not get to a point where I felt anything crazy [for someone].”

At that point, Jessenia knew there was nothing left between her and Andrew and she left the beach. Then, Andrew had to have the same conversation with Ency and explain that his heart was with Teddi. “I felt like when you walked down those stairs, I felt something I hadn’t felt with any of the other girls here,” he said. “I had hope and wanted to explore that. But I don’t know now. How everything was just handled is against everything I believe. I can’t be here anymore. I swear, I try to be a great guy. It’s the one thing I try to live up to.”

Ency was devastated to hear that Andrew was considering leaving and she begged and pleaded with him to stay, to the point where she was in tears and grabbing onto him so he wouldn’t leave. “I just can’t do it anymore,” he insisted. “Things were said and you everything was reacted to….it’s not you. I promise you. But I’m done. I’m literally telling you I cannot anymore.”

Andrew finally left the beach. “I knew what I came here for and I lost it in the first four days,” he explained. “Love is just the most powerful thing in the world and when you can share it with someone you cannot live without, that’s what I’m going to go for. I wasn’t there 100 percent. I needed to get to the bar I set with Teddi and no one could match it. When she left, I felt like I was never the same.” Ency also left the beach after Andrew.