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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Andrew Leaves Jessenia In Tears As He Dumps Her To Pursue Ency

Another love triangle formed on the Nov. 14 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' and Andrew Spencer was the one caught in the middle.

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jessenia cruz andrew specner
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Andrew Spencer was down in the dumps after his pal, Rodney Mathews’, exit on Bachelor in Paradise. However, when Ency Abedin arrived on the beach, he got a bit of his spark back. Despite being in a relationship with Jessenia Cruz and accepting her roses at the previous two rose ceremonies, Andrew agreed to go on a date with the new arrival, Ency.

Needless to say, Jessenia wasn’t happy to see Andrew go on a date, especially so late in the process. “I obviously don’t want Andrew to go,” she admitted. “It makes me upset. I really like Andrew and I’ve been patient with him. We’ve been making really great strides, and now he’s going on a date. I invested a lot in him, so where’s our conversation to see where this is going instead of just him going on a date?”

jessenia cruz andrew spencer
Jessenia and Andrew at a previous rose ceremony. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Andrew had a great time on the date, and said he had an “immediate connection” with Ency. “I feel like this could be something real and it’s kind of nice,” he gushed. “I’m pretty happy.” At that point, he knew he had to have a “tough” conversation with Jessenia to make sure things wouldn’t be awkward between them if he pursued Ency.

jessenia cruz andrew specner
Jessenia and Andrew on the beach. (ABC)

“I’m in a really difficult situation,” Andrew told Jessenia. “I feel like I needed a little bit of an up, so I’m just trying to find some happiness to get out of this with. I feel like it’s been one after another for me and dragging you into that kind of sucked. I’m sorry for that. You deserve a little bit more than what I’ve been able to give you and where I’m at with this.”

Jessenia told Andrew that she was frustrated that he didn’t give her an opportunity to help him out of his funk. “It feels like you’re really disconnected from it all, which is why I’m surprised you’d even be in the mental capacity to go on a date,” she admitted. Andrew explained that he felt like Ency had good energy and would be a fresh start for him. Jessenia was admittedly “in her feelings,” but in the end told him that “it is what it is.”

She walked away from the conversation in tears, even considering going home. “I feel defeated,” Jessenia said. “It sucks thinking I’m on the same page with someone. We’ve all had a rough few days, but I thought we had at least gained enough ground to figure things out instead of him going on a date. We’re close to the end of Paradise so that honestly makes no senes to me. I really thought I had a safe space with Andrew, so I think that’s what hurts the most about it all.