‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Kate Second Guesses Romance With Logan & Wonders If He’ll Be A ‘Capable Partner’

Kate Gallivan began questioning whether she actually wanted a future with Logan Palmer on the Nov. 7 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

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Image Credit: ABC/Stewart Cook

Although Kate Gallivan didn’t feel sparks fly during her date with Hayden Markowitz on Bachelor in Paradise, there were still some qualities about him that she liked over Logan Palmer. “I’m feeling a little torn,” Kate admitted in the show’s Nov. 7 episode. “Hayden, on paper, is almost exactly what I’m looking for. He owns a company, he has six figures lying around to devote to his golden retriever. But I carried that date on my back. On the flip side, Logan and I have a very tangible connection. But before the date, I did have a side bar with Logan, and he wasn’t fighting for me. Even in the least. That’s a problem. I want to be fought for and I want someone who is going to be vocal, so I’m feeling a little lost.”

When Kate got back from the date, she pulled Logan aside to explain how she was feeling. “Last night, when we talked [about me going on the date], you made it seem like it was okay to do this,” she explained. “It almost felt like you were kind of aloof and closed off about the whole thing. I don’t expect you to pin me down and tell me I can’t go, but I expected a little more of an opinion. Do you care either way?”

kate gallivan
Kate Gallivan at a ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ event. (ABC/Stewart Cook)

Logan reiterated that he didn’t want to take away from Kate’s experience in Paradise by stopping her from going on a date. “I just felt like your mind was made up and anything I said that went against that would disappoint you or something,” Logan admitted. “I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to see you go.” Logan finally declared that he didn’t want Kate to be with anyone but him, and she said that that meant a lot to her.

However, when he asked her if she was feeling the same way, she was hesitant. “That’s underwhelming,” Logan responded. “Why would you make me say all of that if you’re still unsure or undecided? Why would you do that? Let me be aloof and let me not care if you’re not sure yet.” In defense, Kate clapped back, “I obviously am into you. I pursued you from the jump. So don’t be aloof and act blase about everything and have me try to guess what you’re thinking.”

That’s when Logan made it very clear: “What I’m thinking is I want you to be mine, so do you feel that way, too!?” Kate said she did and they made out in the rain. By the end of the night she was feeling “super solid” with Logan. After sleeping on it, though, she started having second thoughts. “At the end of the day yesterday I patched things up with Logan and was ready to move forward, and then I woke up this morning and was like….am I?” she wondered.

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Kate and Logan at a rose ceremony. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Throughout the day, Kate explained to others on the beach why she was feeling hesitant. “We’re seven years apart,” she explained. “That’s almost a decade. I’m an adult and he’s a boy.” One of Kate’s biggest concerns was that Logan might not be able to provide for her. “He literally can’t afford to workout at Equinox. I have a trainer,” Kate complained. “Like, you drive an orange Nissan and you can’t afford to workout at Equinox? He’s getting less hot by the second. If I was 24 this would be so fun. I’d ride this thing til the wheels fell off. But, my sister in christ, I am 33 years old. I don’t have time to figure it out.”

Kate explained that she needed a man to have “provider energy” in a relationship. “I came here to have a connection and to find something that can translate to the outside world,” she explained. “I want to find somebody who’s going to be a capable partner in every aspect of the word. Hayden has several qualities that I think are absolutely non-negotiable — he’s super established, he seems driven, he would take care of me. But, at the end of the day, who do you want to wake up with? Logan and I still have a lot to figure out, so i want Logan to understand what I need and act accordingly.”

Although Kate wound up giving Logan her rose, she did so with a warning. “There’s definitely something here, but I need more, can you give that to me?” she asked him. He assured her he could and he accepted the rose. “I’m very confused,” Logan admitted afterward. “When you give someone a rose, you tell them why you like them. I just don’t feel that well liked by Kate.” We’ll have to wait and see how the journey continues for this pair on the Nov. 14 episode.