Robert Downey Jr.’s Adorable Kids Avri, 7, & Exton, 10, Shave His Head In Rare Video: Watch

The 'Iron Man' star prepared for his upcoming series 'The Sympathizer' with the help of his kids, right before Halloween.

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Image Credit: Todd Williamson/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock

Who needs a barber when your kids can shave your head for free? Robert Downey Jr. recruited his daughter Avri, 7, and son Exton, 10, to help him get ready for an upcoming TV show The Sympathizer, mainly in the hair department in a super cute Instagram video. Once his kids finished giving him a DIY haircut, they also helped him get into the Halloween spirit with his freshly shaved head as their canvas on Saturday, October 29.

The video opened with the Avengers star’s kids carving pumpkins, as Robert entered to ask them for help as he prepared for The Sympathizer. “Sorry to interrupt but I need your help. You know how I’m starting this project soon?” he asked. After confirming it was The Sympathizer, Exton pointed out that the star is playing a number of different roles in the project. “You’re playing like five roles or something?” he asked.

Robert explained that he felt it would be a lot easier to just chop off all of his hair before the project, much to his kids’ surprise. “Right, well anyway, I don’t want to have to wear a bald cap or anything, so will you guys shave my head?” he asked, and his children looked awe-struck, especially Avri. “Is that even appropriate?” he said.

Robert’s kids gave him a full hair makeover in the adorable video. (Todd Williamson/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock)

The video then cut to a montage of the kids taking shears to their dad’s head, and they seemed like they were having a blast giving him a buzz-cut makeover, and Robert was clearly happy with the result. “Great job guys. I’ll let you get back to your pumpkin carving, but what do I owe you?” he said after they finished.

After the little ones whispered to each other, Exton told his dad to “Keep your money,” and Avri said that he had a more unique way that they could pay them back. “I need help with Halloween costumes,” he said before a classic comedic misdirect.

With Robert’s many film roles, it seemed like the kids may have been asking to go into some of his classic roles for some amazing costumes. After all, what kid wouldn’t want to dress up as Iron Man in the real costume from the movies? But, it turned out they actually had an idea for him! They took one of the stems from the pumpkin and stuck it on their dad’s head and painted his freshly shaved head to look like a jack-o-lantern. “The things we do for our work… and our kids,” the actor wrote in his Instagram caption.