‘RHOSLC’ Preview: Lisa Barlow Tearfully Apologizes To Seth For Calling Meredith A ‘Whore’

Lisa Barlow has a lot to apologize for when she comes face-to-face with her ex BFF's husband in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the 'RHOSLC' premiere.

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Lisa Barlow
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Lisa Barlow, 47, is on an apology tour in the season 3 premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Lisa hasn’t spoken to Meredith Marks, 50, and her husband Seth following her infamous tirade about the Marks family in Zion last season, but in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 28 premiere, Lisa finally comes face-to-face with those that she’s wronged.

While Meredith’s busy chatting with Jen Shah at a party for Jen’s husband Sharrieff, Lisa takes the opportunity to finally apologize to Seth for everything she said, including calling Meredith a “whore.”

“Seth I can’t even believe I said those things. I don’t feel that way about Meredith. I don’t feel that way about you. Like I don’t. I don’t,” Lisa says. Seth tells the Vida Tequila owner that he and Meredith were “surprised” by Lisa’s comments, since the two couples have been friends for over a decade. “It wasn’t the Lisa we know. That behavior was so hurtful,” Seth adds.

Lisa starts crying as she continues to apologize. “I hope you can understand this, like, I haven’t been able to sleep,” she tells Seth through tears. “It’s been weighing on me. John [Barlow] is like, ‘It’s gonna be okay,’ but it doesn’t feel like it.”

Meanwhile, Meredith isn’t happy that Lisa took so long to apologize for her rant in Zion. “Why is this happening here?” she says to Jen. “She’s had a month. She could’ve texted me. She could’ve texted Seth. She could’ve texted my children.” Meredith also vents that it’s unfair how Lisa is “attacking” Seth at the birthday party for Jen’s husband.

Lisa Barlow
Lisa Barlow in the season 3 premiere of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ (Photo: Bravo)

Cutting back to the Lisa-Seth standoff, Lisa explains that her cruel comments about Meredith and her family was simply a “blind rant.” But Seth presses Lisa on the “root” of where her hateful comments about Meredith came from.

“It was never before that trip,” Lisa explains. “I never thought those things. I don’t think those things now. In the van on the way down, everyone’s like, ‘She’s not your friend. That’s not your friend.’ Just hearing it over and over. Does that make sense?”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 cast (Photo: Bravo)

Seth is still dissatisfied with Lisa’s apology. “None of it makes sense to me. To get to where you got to, I can never imagine myself saying something like that about someone we love,” he tells her.

“And Seth I understand that,” Lisa responds. “I don’t even remember saying those things. I did feel hurt. I understand Meredith was hurting, I was hurting too. I’m not making excuses but I was coming from a place of hurt.”

After Seth calls Lisa’s comments from Zion “hateful”, her husband John notices that the pair are in the midst of a deep conversation. “It wasn’t. It was hurt,” Lisa says, still defending herself. “I’m human and it wasn’t hate. It was hurt.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premieres Wednesday, September 28 at 9PM ET/PT on Bravo.