‘7 Little Johnstons’ Preview: Amber & Trent Confront Jonah & Ashley Over ‘Negative’ Texts

Trent and Amber sit down with Jonah and Ashley to discuss what they uncovered in the texts they read in this EXCLUSIVE preview of '7 Little Johnstons.'

Trent and Amber are fully upfront with Jonah and Ashley about being “nosy parents.” In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the September 13 episode of 7 Little Johnstons, Jonah’s parents have an intense sit down with him and Ashley after reading their texts.

Jonah Amber
Trent and Amber went through Jonah and Ashley’s texts. (TLC)

“In that moment, I was like trying to retrace back to like, okay, did I say something wrong? I was just trying to wrap my brain around it,” Ashley admits. Jonah reveals that he would normally be mad about his parents going through his phone, but he understands why they did it in this instance. Amber tells the couple that the only way a long-distance relationship will work is through “truthful, honest communication.”

Amber is concerned because, after going through Jonah and Amber’s texts, she realized they were not being transparent with each other. “When everything went down with Jonah, Jonah had left his phone in Elizabeth’s car,” Amber explains. “At that time, literally it was the day of, we did not know what Jonah had taken and all that. We got through that part. But then it was like, okay, has this been an ongoing thing? Has Ashley known about this? What is going on between Ashley and Jonah?”

She admits that looking through those texts was “rather disappointing” because Jonah was “making up things” to not have to go see Ashley. In turn, Ashley got “upset” with the family and called Amber “not very nice names.”

Amber admitted she was disappointed by Jonah and Ashley’s texts. (TLC)

Trent adds, “Jonah painted a bad picture for us, and that bad picture brought negative comments out of Ashley.” Trent tells Jonah and Ashley that he’s not trying to say he doesn’t want them to be in a relationship, but something’s got to give.

“It’s an intense conversation to have,” Jonah says. “I think that for anybody that has been through something like that and has to sit with their girlfriend in front of their parents to hear and not be able to control the conversation, it’s rough.” The series 7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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