‘AGT’ Recap: A Golden Buzzer Winner Is Sent Home In Shocking Results Show

The second results show of the 'AGT' qualifiers had everyone on the edge of their seat. Only two acts made it to the finals, while 9 acts were eliminated.

Chapel Hart
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Eleven acts return to the stage after their qualifiers performances on America’s Got Talent. Only two acts will be moving on to the next round of the competition, which means 9 acts will be eliminated by the end of the night. If the fans don’t vote, their favorite acts go home.

The first result is between Wyn Starks and Duo Rings. The first act to make it to the top 5 of the night is Duo Rings. Wyn is sent home.

AGT Results Of Second Qualifiers

America's Got Talent
The ‘AGT’ judges during the qualifiers. (NBC)

Next up are two fan-favorite singers: Freckled Zelda and Maddie. America votes Maddie into the top 5. Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer is still in the race! Between Fusion Japan and The Brown Brothers, The Brown Brothers are moving forward.

Yu Hojin, Aiko Tanaka, and Mr. Pants are called to the front of the stage next. In a total nailbiter, at least between Yu and Aiko, Yu makes it to the top 5.

There’s just one spot left in the top 5 of tonight’s results. Chapel Hart and The Pack Drumline are the two acts left on stage. Both of them had sensational performances the night before. America has voted Chapel Hart into the top 5. After the results, both acts share a heartfelt hug on stage.

Chapel Hart
Chapel Hart on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Simon Cowell admits that he is happy for Chapel Hart but feels bad for The Pack Drumline. Simon tells The Pack Drumline to “never give up on your dream.” Could this be a wildcard hint?!

The top 5 of this week are Duo Rings, Maddie, The Brown Brothers, Yu Hojin, and Chapel Hart. Terry Crews narrows down this group to the top 3. Yu Hojin, Maddie, and Chapel Hart make it to the top 3.

Maddie was eliminated during the results show. (NBC)

Maddie Is Eliminated

Only two acts can make it to the finals, and it’s down to two singers and one illusionist. Whoever makes it through will join Avery Dixon and Drake Milligan as finalists.

The first act to make it to the finals is the Group Golden Buzzer recipient Chapel Hart! It’s down to Maddie and Yu Hojin. The second act to make it to the season 17 finals is…Yu Hojin!

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