Brie Bella’s Son Buddy, 1, Confuses Her With Twin Sister Nikki Bella: Watch

The pro wrestling sisters joked about Brie's toddler mixing up his mama and auntie after waking up from a nap in a hilarious segment from their podcast.

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If you’ve ever mixed up Brie and Nikki Bellayou’re not alone! The pro-wrestling sisters joked about Brie’s one-year-old son Buddy confusing his mom and aunt during the most recent episode of their The Bellas Podcast. The pair shared a hilarious story about Buddy calling Nikki “Mama” on the air. “Brie’s kids think I’m Mama,” Nikki said on the show, and Brie agreed, “Our kids keep getting confused.”

Nikki shared the funny story, saying she tried to correct Buddy. “Brie’s kids keep getting so confused with her and I. I’m about to walk back to go to Matteo [Nikki’s son], and Buddy goes, ‘Mama,’ and I go, ‘No, it’s Dodo,'” she explained, before saying that he “wouldn’t let it go” and kept saying she was his mom. “‘No Mama, you’re not Dodo.'”

Brie shared a similar story, saying that her son got confused when he first woke up, and she went to check in on him. “Yesterday, he wakes up from a nap. I walk in there, and he literally does this big back bump, and he goes, ‘No Dodo, no.’ I go, ‘No, it’s Mama,'” she said. “I had to squat down and look through the crib handlebars, and I was like, ‘BudBud, it’s Mama.’ And then, finally, he stopped crying.”

Brie and Nikki Bella joked about their kids getting confused on their podcast. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Nikki chimed in to joke about listening to her nephew cry. “I heard him screaming in the other room” “Why’s he screaming ‘No Dodo.’ Is he having a nightmare about me?” the WWE star quipped.

Brie continued to say that she thought that it would be easier for her kids to tell the wrestling duo apart instinctually. “Don’t I have a certain scent?” she asked. “I look at you right now, and do we look that much alike?” Nikki responded that they are identical after all. “I mean, we’re twins,” she said.

Besides Buddy, Brie has an older daughter Birdie, 5, with her husband Bryan Danielson. Nikki is just a mother to one son Matteo, 1, with her fiancé Anton Chigvintsev. Both Matteo and Buddy were born within days of each other in 2020, with Matteo arriving on July 31, and Buddy being Born on August 1.

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