Yvette Nicole Brown Speaks Out For Gun Safety: ‘I Hope Young People Vote To Elect People Who Care’

'Fairfax' star Yvette Nicole Brown urges people to choose elected representatives who care more about people than profits and power in upcoming elections.

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Yvette Nicole Brown gun safety
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Yvette Nicole Brown is known for her outspoken political views. So amid the latest school shooting in Uvalde, the Community actress shared her thoughts EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about gun control and why voting is so important. Her reaction coming just weeks after the tragedy in Texas on May 24 which left 21 people dead, including 19 children.

Yvette Nicole Brown gun safety
Yvette Nicole Brown urges people to elect representatives who care more about people than profits and power (Shutterstock)

“People need to put people over profits and power,” the Emmy Award-nominated actress said while promoting season 2 of Fairfax which premiered June 10th on Amazon Prime Video. “We need to be more concerned about people being alive than money going into pockets.”

“I think a lot of the politicians against gun control are against it because the people that make guns are putting money in their pockets,” she said. “They’d rather stay rich than for babies to stay alive. And I say everything with my chest and I hope you print that because that’s exactly what’s happening there. We all know how to fix it, but there are certain people blocking it. We need to pay attention to why they’re blocking it.”

“When we talk about gun control, these children are the ones that are being gunned down the most. All it takes is an 18-year-old to have a bad day and all of a sudden is shooting up a school,” the multi-talented star continued. “Hopefully the young people will realize that it’s crazy and they will register in droves to vote when they turn 18 in order to put people in a position of power who actually care about people over profits and power.”

The multi-talented star also spoke out about the anti-abortion laws sweeping our nation. “I think everyone should be allowed to talk to her doctor and decide what’s best for her body,” Brown said. “I don’t think this is even a difficult decision. And this is the thing, if you don’t want an abortion, you don’t have to have one. Right? It’s that simple, but you don’t get to control what other people do with their bodies.”

“I think it’s just not right. And the same people saying a woman shouldn’t be allowed to choose what she does with her body are the same people that say they don’t want to wear masks because they don’t want someone controlling their body. See how that works? So it’s what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We all need to decide or nobody gets to decide. Let’s figure it out,” she said.

The A-list actress has been very outspoken about voting rights, and she shared her views on the importance of voting, particularly during this time in our society, to help protect abortion rights, and to fight gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Yvette Nicole Brown gun safety
The Emmy nominee discussed gun safety while promoting season 2 of Fairfax which premiered June 10th on Amazon Prime Video (Shutterstock)

“Without your vote, you can’t control who is making the decisions. We see what’s happening with the Supreme Court,” she began. “There are people making a decision about a woman’s right to choose and they’re in those positions, and on the Supreme Court, because a certain amount of Republican senators voted them in.”

“And those Republican senators were in that position to vote them in because they were voted in. If more people that cared actually voted, or were allowed to vote,” she added. “We had voting rights that allowed everyone to vote. If we didn’t have gerrymandering of these districts so that certain people were prevented from voting, then maybe we could vote people in, again, that actually care about people more than power and profits.”

Meanwhile, the actress and comedian has been busy promoting her latest television project, the adult animated comedy series Fairfax on Amazon Prime Video. Yvette voices the character Trini on the show which follows four middle schoolers navigating their life in Los Angeles in a social media driven world.

“It’s kind of timeless in its relatability and that we all had a first crush, we all had a first job, we all have problems with our friends and our family,” Yvette told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when discussing season 2, which was released on June 10. “So it’s a heightened reality because these are the coolest hippie-type species, kids, but at the same time, they’re kids trying to figure out life.”

Season 2 of Fairfax, which consists of eight episodes, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.