Bobby Brown Says ‘Unintentionally’ Hitting Whitney Houston Was The ‘Worst Time’ In His Life

Bobby Brown is telling his side of the story regarding allegations that he physically abused Whitney Houston during their relationship.

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bobby brown whitney houston
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Night two of A&E’s Biography: Bobby Brown special heavily featured Bobby Brown discussing his relationship with Whitney Houston. Bobby was charged with battery in Dec. 2003 after allegedly hitting Whitney. In the doc, he explained that the attack occurred while he was trying hard to stay sober from drugs following a stint in jail. He also vowed that hitting Whitney was not something that he did intentionally.

“[After getting out of jail], I started over-indulging myself in alcohol and it became a problem for me,” Bobby explained. “Whitney was still using hard drugs. Our relationship became tumultuous. We fought hard and we loved hard. There’s a big misconception about me physically abusing Whitney. I’ve never, ever physically hit her intentionally.”

bobby brown whitney houston
Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston in 1990. (Photolink/mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Bobby said that Whitney “got in the way” while he was fighting one of their drug dealers. “I was on the wagon and not wanting to get high anymore and my way of keeping her from getting high was whooping his a** and making sure he didn’t come back to my house again,” Bobby said. “Whitney got in the way. My hand went back, smacked her. That was the worst time in my life. It was something I felt really bad about. I never expected to put my hands on her and to this day I wish it didn’t happen.”

bobby brown whitney houston
Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston at ‘The Bodyguard’ premiere. (Bei/Shutterstock)

Although Bobby and Whitney stayed together for a few years after the incident, they split in 2006 and divorced in 2007. “It was a shock to me because I thought that we were going to eventually get back together,” Bobby admitted. “When I got the papers for the divorce, I didn’t want anything. I didn’t fight for custody of my daughter because she had a home with her mother, and I left everything on the table. I left my cars, I left my houses, I left my money, I left everything. If I couldn’t have it all, I didn’t want none of it.”

Despite the breakup, though, Bobby was understandably devastated when Whitney passed away in 2012. He fought back tears as he talked about losing the love of his life in the Biography special. “That was the worst time in my life to know that she was gone,” he said. “I wasn’t there and I beat myself up over it because I wasn’t there. I wish I could’ve been there for her. But we made our beds and we had to lie in them.”