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How Kim Kardashian Feels About Having Kids With Pete Davidson As Romance Heats Up

Kim Kardashian has not ruled out having kids with Pete Davidson, a source tells us in new comments about the couple!

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Kim Kardashian hasn’t ruled out the possibility of having kids with boyfriend Pete Davidson! The reality icon, 41, is reportedly weighing the possibly as she and her SNL-star boyfriend, 28, continue to get closer. In fact, according to a Kardashian source, Kim is taking Pete’s mom Amy Davidson into account, too! “Kim knows Amy wants Pete to have grandkids and she also knows that Pete wants to be a father one day,” a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. (MEGA)

“Seeing Pete with her children has shown her what an amazing father he would be, and Pete has gotten close to North,” they continued. “They play together often because Pete is like a big kid and Kim loves to see this. She has not ruled out the possibility of having another child and she is prepared for this if it were to happen. The source added that while Kim is endeared to Pete’s playful side, she wouldn’t get pregnant.

“She would not carry a child and Pete knows this. She would use a surrogate again if she were to have another child,” they explained. “But having more kids is not something that Kim can say no to. She is still young and she loves being a mom. She knows the demands of raising children and she can balance that with a career. She has been doing it for almost a decade and doing it well.”

But Kim’s not the only woman whose opinion matters on the topic of kids — Pete is famously close to his mother and would want her approval. And another source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that having their moms onboard is of the utmost importance to the high-profile couple. “Kim and Pete are so into each other and having both of their moms on board in their relationship is important to them because they are both very close to their mothers,” the source said in separate comments.

“Pete puts his mom before any woman and it’s no secret how close Kim is with Kris. Amy has gotten close with Kim because she is constantly talking to Pete on the phone and on FaceTime. He is always with Kim and they both like to chat with her. Pete has been in LA a lot lately because he has so many projects taking place right now, and the offers keep coming.”

They added that while Amy is happy for the couple and especially proud of Pete, she’s not pushing the issue of kids at the moment. “Amy is so proud of her son for chasing his dreams, and she is glad that he is safe with Kim,” the source continued. “As far as kids go, sure she wants him to have children, but she knows that when and if the time is right it will happen.”

In any case, Kim seems to be planning for the possibility of having Amy in her life for the long-term — she sent Pete’s mom flowers for Mother’s day! In a sweet and committed gesture, Pete did the same for Kris Jenner. And the two seem to be getting along beautifully, as Amy has reportedly said that she approves of Kim and thinks she’s “perfect” for him.