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Kim Kardashian Shares 1st Look At Pete Davidson’s ‘My Girl Is A Lawyer’ Tattoo: Photo

How cute! Less than two weeks after revealing Pete Davidson had multiple 'cute' tattoos for her, Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her 'favorite' one.

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Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson
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Kim Kardashian, 41, gave her followers a look at another tattoo Pete Davidson, 28, got for her! The SKIMS founder shared a black-and-white snap of the small tattoo reading ‘My Girl Is A Lawyer’ to her Instagram story on Saturday, March 26. The ink appeared to be on the Saturday Night Live actor’s collarbone, which fits with what Kim has said about the marking in the past.

The Kardashians on Hulu star shared the the romantic photo 10 days after revealing her comedian boyfriend had the “lawyer” tattoo to Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host, 64, broached the topic after it appeared Pete inadvertently revealed a “Kim” tattoo during a heated text message exchange with Kanye West, 44. The posted texts included a selfie allegedly taken in bed with Kim, which Ye claimed “antagonized” him.

Kim confirmed that the name tattoo wasn’t actually ink — but rather, a branding. “Yeah, he has a few tattoos — a few cute ones, you know, that he got,” the mom of-four explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “But the ‘Kim’ one isn’t a tattoo. It’s actually a branding,” the KKW Fragrance founder added.

“The other ones are, like, cutesy things. I think my favorite one, it says here,” she went on, as she pointed to her collarbone area. ”My girl is a lawyer,’ and that one’s really cute.” Kim is, of course, studying to become a lawyer by “reading the law” — an alternative to attending law school. The star follows in the footsteps of her late father Robert Kardashian Sr. Kim technically isn’t a licensed lawyer yet, but she has used her platform to be an advocate for prison reform.

Back to the tattoos, however, Kim shared that Pete has a “few” for her — but said the branding was meant to be something extra special. “Because — let me explain it — because he wanted to do something that was really different [with the branding], ‘cause, like, K, first tattoo he got, I was like, ‘Oh, so cute, thank you, oh my god.’ You know, second, whatever, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s so cute,’ but, like, that’s what tattoo people do, right?” she explained.

“Like, they get tattoos of what’s going on their life,” Kim said. “I just think he was like, ‘I want something that’s there that I can’t, you know, get rid of my tattoos,’ ’cause he’s in the process of getting rid of his arm tats and his neck tats. So he’s like, ‘I don’t want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up, and I just wanted it there as, like, a scar on me.” The pair have been dating for about six months, striking up a romance after Kim hosted SNL in Oct. 2021.