Wendy Williams Vows To Be Back On TV In 3 Months In 1st Interview Since Show Cancellation

The tea is piping hot! Wendy Williams has spoken out after her eponymous show was cancelled & replaced by 'SHERRI,' hosted by Sherri Shepherd.

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Wendy Williams, 57, has become a hot topic, herself, as the longtime TV host’s show was cancelled following her six-month absence due to ongoing health issues. The production company, Debmar-Mercury, announced on Feb. 22nd that Sherri Shepherd would take over Wendy Williams’ time slot as SHERRI, to air on the FOX Television Stations and broadcasters’ nationwide. Wendy, who has been living in Florida with her son, Kevin, and 91-year-old father, spoke out on the news in an interview with Good Morning America on March 17.

Wendy assured viewers that her health is “very well.” She added, “I’m 57 years old now but I have the mind and body of a 25 year old.” She also said that she’s “very comfortable” with the idea of coming back to work on her talk show again. “Give me about three months,” Wendy said. “There are private things that I have to deal with and then I’ll be ready to come back and be free and ready to do my thing. Keep watching because I’m going to be back on The Wendy Show, bigger and brighter than ever.”

After LoveB Scott first reported that Wendy was getting the boot from her 13 season-long TV show, the show released a statement in the midst of Sherri’s guest-hosting spot on The Wendy Williams Show, revealing she would indeed be replacing the TV vet. “Sherri is a natural who proved her hosting skills for many years as a panelist on The View, on FOX’s Dish Nation and again this season as a popular guest host of Wendy,” Debmar-Mercury Co-Presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein said in the press release. “Like our viewers, we have been impressed by the unique comedic twist Sherri puts on our daily live ‘Hot Topics’ segment, her creativity and interactions with our guests.”

Wendy Williams during happier times on a red carpet at NYFW. (Shutterstock)

“This is also a bitter-sweet moment for us and our partners at FOX. We all have a great love and affinity for Wendy, who grew into a true icon during her 12 incredible seasons as the solo host of a live, daily talk show dishing on ‘Hot Topics’ and interviewing celebrities,” they added. “Since Wendy is still not available to host the show as she continues on her road to recovery, we believe it is best for our fans, stations and advertising partners to start making this transition now. We hope to be able to work with Wendy again in the future, and continue to wish her a speedy and full recovery.”

This surprising news comes shortly after her bank, Wells Fargo, accused the TV host of being ‘incapacitated’ and recommended a “a temporary hold on disbursement of funds or securities,” while also filing a petition for the appointment of a guardian. The lawsuit claims that the bank “has strong reason to believe that Wendy is the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation,” and is “relying not only on reports of the financial advisor, who has recently witnessed telltale signs of exploitation, including [Williams’] own expressed apprehensions, but also upon other independent third-parties who know the petitioner well and share these concerns.”

Sherri Shepherd will take over Wendy’s time slot this Fall. (Shutterstock)

In a response filed by Wendy’s attorney LaShawn Thomas, who also represented her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, the former radio DJ “denies that she is the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation” and asked the judge to “reopen any frozen accounts or assets” and grant her “access to any and all accompanying statements.”

LaShawn later provided a lengthy statement to E! News, regarding rumors about Wendy’s well-being. “On behalf of Wendy Hunter, professionally known as Wendy Williams, as counsel to her and her affairs, Wendy wants the world to know that she strenuously denies all allegations about her mental health and well-being. During this hiatus from the show, Wendy has employed holistic health professionals to help her reach optimal health during her treatment of Graves’ disease and thyroid concerns.”

The statement continued, “It saddens Wendy that Wells Fargo, has chosen to believe the allegations of a former employee who is upset because she no longer has direct and unfettered access to Wendy’s financial affairs. Wendy had to unfortunately bring this action because Wells Fargo has refused to honor her Power of Attorney, granting her son authority to make inquiries to the bank on Wendy’s behalf. Wendy further believes that all of the false narratives currently making the rounds derive from this source and she is saddened that she once considered this person a friend.”

Wendy also addressed the Wells Fargo situation in her GMA interview. “They say I need somebody to handle my account and I don’t want that,” she insisted. “I want all my money. I want to see all my money that I’ve worked hard for my entire life. My entire life. I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal. I am an honest hard-working person. I want to spend more time with my family and, you know, working out and waiting for the responses to my money situation and Wells Fargo…and they don’t like that.” She also shut down the claims that Wells Fargo made against her, insisting that she is “of sound mind.”

Wendy’s lawyer’s statement also added, “Wendy wants you to know she is fine; she is of sound mind and disappointed about falsely circulated statements from an industry she has devoted her life to,” the statement continued. “Wendy is grateful for the love and the outpouring of support she has received from her fans and she can’t wait to get back,” it read. “She thanks everyone who has been patiently awaiting her return and believes that, thanks in large part to the love and support of her son, her family, her new team of doctors and a change of scenery, she is on the mend. Wendy says to all her fans, ‘How you doing?'”