Wendy Williams Strolls On The Beach In FL Amidst Talk Show Hiatus: ‘I’m Coming Back Stronger’

The talk show host explained that she was getting ready to return to her show during her 'break' from TV and New York.

Wendy Williams looked nearly ready to get back to work on her show in a new video posted on Wednesday February 16. The 57-year-old talk show host swore to her fans that she was going to return to her show “stronger,” amid her extended hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy walked along a Florida beach with her son Kevin Hunter, Jr. as she addressed her fans and followers.

In the video, Wendy explained her morning routine to her son, as she also waxed poetic about why she loves Florida. When Kevin asked her about fans who have been concerned for her and offering prayers, Wendy thanked the fans that have sent her best wishes. “I am going back stronger,” she said, and closed the video by saying she was excited to get back on TV. “I want to be all I can be and then get back to New York, and get on down to The Wendy Williams Show.”

Earlier in the clip, Wendy also explained why she was glad to be in the sunshine state. “This is a break from New York. New York is fast paced, which I love. I love here in Florida as much as I do New York, but they’re two very different things,” she said. “New York is my heart, and this is—Florida’s a beautiful place. It’s beautiful, regular, sometimes weird in a good way.

Wendy seemed excited to get back to her show in a new video on her Instagram. (Shutterstock)

Wendy has been on a hiatus from her talk show and hasn’t hosted an episode yet this season, due to an ongoing battle with Graves’ Disease. Other than speaking about her return, Wendy revealed some of the ways she’s kept her health and fitness in check, including early morning trips to the gym and following a mostly vegan or vegetarian diet.

Other than her health issues, Wendy has also been in a legal battle against Wells Fargo, after her bank accounts were frozen. Wendy’s attorney had filed an emergency petition, claiming that the bank had frozen her accounts for two weeks, because her longtime financial advisor had said she was of “unsound mind.”


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