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Kim Kardashian Claps Back At Kanye West’s False ‘Narrative’ About Keeping Kids From Him

Kim Kardashian revealed that she'd seen her estranged husband earlier the same morning that he'd posted that it'd been a week since he saw his kids.

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Kim Kardashian, 41, called out Kanye West44, as a liar when he made an Instagram post claiming that she had kept the rapper from seeing their four kids. Kanye had shared a photo of some pins on his 8-year-old daughter North‘s backpack and said that he took the picture a week prior and hadn’t been allowed to see his kids. Kim shut down the rapper’s claims by saying she’d seen him that morning on Monday March 14.

Kim’s response to Kanye’s Instagram post. (Instagram/Kanye West/Kim Kardashian)

After Kanye uploaded the photo, Kim responded by pleading with him to stop trying to create a false narrative about the custody of their four children. “Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school,” she wrote.

Kanye’s Instagram caption reiterated many of the past claims that the “Runaway” rapper has made about being separated from his children and wanting to keep his relationship in tact. “This was on my daughters back pack [sic] when I was ‘allowed’ to see her last week. This is why I go so hard for my family. I am wired to protect my family at all cost. As the priest of my home, Don’t worry Northy. God is still alive,” he wrote.

Kim’s clap back against Kanye came the same day as the new trailer for the upcoming Kardashians show on Hulu. In the trailer, Kim opened up about how difficult the divorce had been for her. She also divulged the scandalous comment that Kanye had made to her amid their separation. “He told me that my career is over,” she said in the clip.

Kim responded to Kanye by asking him to stop pushing a false narrative. (Andres Kudacki/AP/Shutterstock)

The SKIMS founder’s response also came on the heels of Kanye and Kim’s current boyfriend Pete Davidson having a heated back and forth where the Saturday Night Live star seemed to extend an olive branch to Kanye and tried to talk to him about the beef. The alleged texts Pete sent included him asking Kanye to “Grow the f**k up,” but he also offered for them to speak one-on-one. “I struggle with mental stuff too. It’s not an easy journey,” he wrote. “There’s no shame in having a little help. You’ll be so happy and at peace.”