Chelsea Clinton ‘Hasn’t Heard’ Rumors About Mom Hillary Running For Office Again

The former first lady's daughter said she'd support her mom if she decided to campaign for another election.

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Chelsea Clinton42, isn’t sure if her mom has any plans to return to politics! The activist and author said that she was in the dark about rumors that former First Lady Hillary Clinton74, would make another run for public office after her 2016 presidential run, during a Wednesday March 2 interview on The View. Regardless of whether or not Chelsea knows anything about another run for office, she said she’d undoubtedly support her mom.

After a discussion about Chelsea’s children’s book series She Persisted, Joy Behar mentioned that there’s been some speculation about Hillary possibly hitting the campaign trail again, and of course, she had to ask Chelsea if she knew of her mom’s future plans. “I haven’t heard those rumors or anything from her, but I will support her whatever she does, wherever she does it. Always,” she said. “I’m very biased towards my mom.”

During the interview, Chelsea also said that an issue she’s most invested in before the midterms is voting rights. “My main concern is that everyone is able to vote. I really want Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, because I want everyone to be able to vote. I want Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, the kid who’s excited to turn 18 is going to cast his first ballot, the Americans who are over 100 and need mail-in voting or early voting to ensure that their voice is heard,” she said.

Regardless of whether Hillary tries to run again in 2024 (or for a different public office), the former Secretary of State has certainly been kept busy since her 2016 opponent, former President Donald Trump, left office in 2021. The mom and daughter duo have been developing a reality series for AppleTV+, simply called Gutsy Women, and Chelsea and Hillary were spotted working on an episode of it with Kim Kardashian41, at a Los Angeles coffeeshop in January. An eyewitness revealed to HollywoodLife that the three women got along very well during their short meeting. “They seemed to be really getting along and had an easy rapport with each other,” they said. “Hillary seemed a little more at ease with the situation and Chelsea was admiring the situation and was really looking at her mom and Kim interact.”

Chelsea Clinton revealed she’d support her mom Hillary, if she ran for office again. (John Minchillo/AP/Shutterstock)

Besides working on the show, Hillary also roasted Trump, after reports of him flushing government documents during his administration came out on February 11. She began selling special Galentine’s Day baseball caps with the phrase “But her emails” emblazoned across the front through her Onward Together store, with profits going towards protecting voting rights.


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