‘RHONJ’ Recap: Melissa Gorga & Jennifer Aydin Get Into A Physical Fight

Things got physical between Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin in this week's new episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'

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Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin‘s year-long feud hit a breaking point during the March 1 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, when a heated argument turned physical. While discussing last season’s rumors that Evan Goldschneider cheated on Jackie, Melissa, 42, and Margaret Josephs confronted Jennifer, 44, about trying to prove there was some truth to the gossip.

“Why do you want to hurt someone else?” Margaret, 54, asked Jennifer. But before she could even answer, Jennifer’s puppet master Teresa Giudice chimed in and said she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.

“Don’t defend her!” Margaret yelled. “She’s indefensible!”


Melissa also wasn’t too happy with the fact that Teresa was defending Jennifer. Teresa is all about preaching loyalty, but never gives it back, and this was a prime example.”Let this girl dig her own hole. You ask for loyalty, you give loyalty back! If she asks a question about Evan, she’s not digging? If someone asks about Luis [Ruelas], they’re digging?” Melissa asked, referencing a previous conversation about Luis’ video drama — a topic that Teresa berated the women for bringing up.

Soon thereafter, the topic of conversation turned to Jennifer and Melissa’s nasty Instagram captions each other, which they both posted online at the end of Season 11. Melissa wrote that Jennifer was “fake and conniving,” while Jennifer called Melissa’s husband Joe “crooked”.

“She sounds like a little f***ing hater,” Melissa said, but Jennifer clapped back. “I’m not a f***ing hater! I don’t really give a f*** what you say.”

“You feel like a hater. You called my husband a crook!” Melissa said.

“Let me tell you something. I don’t know anything about you,” Jennifer tried telling her. “I really don’t, truth be told. Listen, I want to address the ‘crooked’ thing. It’s f***ing hearsay, and it’s out there”. Jennifer also said that she only wrote what she wrote after Melissa called her out ahead of the 2021 reunion.

“You attacked me that day for no reason! It wasn’t just a caption, it was a f***ing novel,” Jennifer said before pointing at Joe and saying, “Even he, little bitch girl, came in and commented. I wanted to respond in a way that stung.”

Melissa, however, had no idea what Jennifer was talking about, so Jennifer yelled even louder, saying she posted her message on Instagram as a form of “retaliation”. Melissa then got out of her seat and approached Jennifer. Jennifer got up, too, and as they kept yelling at each other, they also got closer to one another. Eventually, the argument peaked and Jennifer grabbed Melissa’s wrist before they started pushing each other. Fortunately, others intervened and the fight was broken up, but the damage was done.

The fight broke the group up into two alliances — Teresa, Jennifer and Dolores Catania on one side, and Melissa, Margaret and Jackie on the other.

The next day, when Melissa questioned Teresa about her loyalty and how she defended Jennifer, Teresa didn’t think she did anything wrong. Shocker, right?

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