Tom Brady, 44, May Not Retire After All: Interested In Joining A Potential Super Bowl Team

The NFL GOAT may be eyeing another go at a Super Bowl ring as there is 'without question a chance for him to return.'

Tom Brady
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Image Credit: Eric Canha/CSM/Shutterstock

While Tom Brady is enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation in Costa Rica after announcing he retired from the NFL, one would think football is furthest from his mind. However, after he recently teased a comeback on his podcast with the adage “never say never,” that may not be the case. As fans are eager to find out what the GOAT has in store for the future, a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Tom might not be hanging up his helmet for good as there is “without question a chance for him to return.”

Tom Brady
Tom Brady may make a comeback in the NFL and is eyeing the Super Bowl. (Eric Canha/CSM/Shutterstock)

“When he mentioned ‘never say never’ on a return, it is more than just words,” the insider said. “Tom is going to monitor the NFL off-season with a fine-tooth comb because if the pieces fall into place, he’d be interested in returning.” The 7-time Super Bowl champ isn’t going to give up his retirement plans for just any old NFL squad though, per the source. He’d like to suit up with players who have the eye on the big prize. “He’d be interested in joining a team who are close to winning a Super Bowl, like the San Francisco 49ers.”

However, a few things have to “fall into place,” according to the source. “Once free agency starts and if he wanted to return, he would have to convince Tampa Bay to trade him because they currently hold his playing rights.” The insider went on to say that people should take Tom at face value when he said “never say never,” but the hope of his grand return still has a time restriction with trading regulations. “So, in the next few months if more things will fall into place, it is something that people should believe until about July. If he doesn’t come back by then, then retirement may really stick, but there is without question a chance for him to return.”

Meanwhile, as he ponders passing the pigskin once again, Tom is also considering some other career options. A different source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that he’s interested in “doing fun commercials and maybe some fun shows about the NFL” like Peyton ManningHe’s also “interested in getting into ownership and would love to buy a team.”


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