Rachel Lindsay Reveals The Secrets To Her Successful Marriage: We’re ‘Not Performative’

'The Bachelorette' alum gushed about her amazing relationship with her husband Bryan Abasolo during an interview on 'The View.'

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Rachel Lindsay36, and Bryan Abasolo41, couldn’t be more in love! The former Bachelorette opened up to why she thinks that her marriage from season 13 of the hit reality series has lasted for over two years on an interview with The View on Tuesday January 25. She credited her and Bryan focusing on themselves and their love for one another rather than the public eye with why she’s been happily married since the show ended.

Naturally, putting the relationship first has proven to be a major part of why Rachel and Bryan have stayed happily married. “I think the fact that Bryan and I are not performative in our relationship. We don’t try to be who Bachelor Nation wants us to be. We don’t try to do certain things for social media. We’re just ourselves,” she explained.

Rachel continued and said that backlash to her choosing Bryan on the show, only drove them closer together, because they tuned out so much from The Bachelorette fans and got to really connect with one another. “We immediately removed ourselves away from the spotlight, went back to our reality. I went back to work at the law firm. Bryan moved to Dallas for me, and we just surrounded ourselves with people we know, we love, and we trust, and that built a strong foundation in our relationship from the very beginning,” the Miss Me With That author said.

Rachel credited not being ‘performative’ with why her relationship with Bryan Abasolo has been successful. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Since the audience was “against” Rachel’s pick, and the pair had an “us against the world” feeling, they got to really explore the key parts of building a relationship and falling in love. “We just really took the time to get to know each other, to encourage one another, to support each other, to love each other, and make sacrifices. We’ve moved all across the country to support one another’s careers, and I think having that foundation at the beginning is really key,” she told The View.

Before her segment finished, Rachel said she “loved” Brian rather than was “infatuated” with him on the show, which is what she said was part of what set her relationship apart from some other Bachelor contestants, whose relationships may not have lasted. “We connected on another level, and because he makes sense to me in my real life. I think a lot of time people go on the show, and they pick the person that they fantasize about, or the person they would never be able to get in real life,” she said, before making a joke about some of the guys who are featured on The Bachelor. “A lot of the men do that.”

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