Brittany Matthews Claps Back At Critics Of Her Champagne Celebration After Patrick Mahomes’ Big Win

After Brittany Mathews faced some criticism for how she celebrated fiancé Patrick Mahomes's NFL playoff win, she vented how she's tired of getting 'attacked' all the time.

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Image Credit: Omar Vega/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

If a sports fan popped into Brittany Matthews’ mentions after the Kansas City Chiefs’ exciting playoff win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, they would see a lot of criticism over how she celebrated the victory. After watching her fiancé Patrick Mahomes, 26, lead the Chiefs to victory in overtimes, Brittany, 26, popped open a bottle of champagne and sprayed it in the celebrating crowd at Arrowhead stadium. Some fans complained that some spectators might not want to be drenched in booze, and Brittany clapped back on Monday (Jan. 24). “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week,” she tweeted.

Before Brittany vented this frustration, she retweeted one fan who wrote, “People complaining about Brittany spraying champagne into the stands have clearly never won anything before. Just saying.” Brittany then quote-tweeted it (“Accurate”) before quote-tweeting someone who said that those who complained about being covered with alcohol have never “been to Arrowhead.” “Also accurate,” added Matthews.

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Brittany shared a video of her popping the cork, and it was met with vitriol and venom online. “You probably should delete this video. There’s nothing cool about spraying champagne on people who don’t even know it’s coming and it’s cold,” tweeted one. “I understand wanting to celebrate the win. But THIS is completely disrespectful to the fans who: may not drink, have small children there, are former alcoholics,” added another. Brittany had her defenders. “We did NOT care how freaking cold it was~we did NOT notice! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!” “Get it, girl! Freakin’ celebrate! This was an awesome game!! Can’t stand the hate [Brittany] gets.” However, there was a lot of hate for a simple act that is quite common with any big victory — especially since that Chiefs-Bills game was described as “The Real Super Bowl.”

The Chiefs will take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Jan. 30, for the AFC Conference Championship. The game will take place at Arrowhead Stadium, and while many expect the Bengals to book their spot in Super Bowl LVI, the Chiefs could pull off the win and give Brittany another reason to pop the cork and spray champagne.


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