‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: [Spoiler] Dies In Shocking Final Moments Of Season Finale

It's all been leading up to this. Dexter Morgan's lies catch up to him in the 'Dexter: New Blood' season finale and the last minutes of the episode featured a jaw-dropping death.

Michael C. Hall
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The Dexter: New Blood picks up in the aftermath of the fire. Dexter’s home has been burned to the ground. Dexter believes this fire is a “sign.” If he’s going to teach Harrison the Code, it can’t be here. Harrison mentions that the Moose Creek kids who attacked him probably did this. Angela sticks around and finds something game-changing in the ashes.

Dexter tells Harrison that they’re moving away from Iron Lake, possibly to Los Angeles. Harrison doesn’t want to move away from his friends and Audrey. “I know it’s hard, but we can’t be ourselves here. We can’t do what we do,” Dexter says. He begins to explain his code of conduct, the Dark Passenger, and how his motive is to bring justice to those who deserve it.

Michael C. Hall
Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan. (Showtime)

Dexter Is Arrested

Angela goes to her house and is clearly conflicted about what she has to do. She sends Audrey and Harrison out of the house while she talks to Dexter. She pulls her gun on Dexter, and Logan quickly comes in as backup. Dexter is arrested for the murder of Matt Caldwell.

Angela shows Dexter the video of the woods and says they’ve never been able to identify the second man in the woods the day Matt was killed. She also brings out the types of screws and plates that are used to repair the broken femur that Matt had. She explains that she found them in her mailbox with this note: “Jim Lindsay killed Matt Caldwell.” She found a lone screw in the ashes of Dexter’s house. The serial numbers are the same.

Dexter goes into defense mode and denies everything. He ends up blaming Kurt and says Kurt is framing him. Dexter brings up Iris, which pushes Angela’s buttons. Logan comes in and says to keep this interview clean so it stands up in court. When Angela discusses everything with Logan, he admits that Guy Dexter’s story is plausible. Harrison is later brought in to talk to Dexter. “We’ll get through this. The world needs us,” Dexter tells his son.

Angela calls Batista and asks if he remembers the Bay Harbor Butcher. He brings up how Sergeant Doakes is the assumed killer, but Maria always thought it was Dexter. When the pieces start to add up, Batista tells Angela that he’ll be in Iron Lake tomorrow with all the information he has on Maria’s case and the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Angela continues to interrogate Dexter and brings up Miles O’Flynn and the amounts of ketamine Dexter got his hands on. Dexter continues to deny everything. Angela shows him the autopsy report on Jasper Hodge, specifically the weal mark on his neck. Jasper had ketamine in his system when he died. Angela reveals that Batista is on his way, and Dexter will be charged for Matt’s murder in New York and then extradited to Florida so he can go on trial for the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter Kills Logan

Dexter sees the walls closing in. He asks Angela to turn the camera off. That’s the only way he’ll talk, and she obliges. Dexter says that he can prove that Kurt Caldwell is responsible for Iris’ death and the disappearances of other women. He tells her exactly where to look at Kurt’s cabin for the proof she needs. Despite all that’s in front of her, there’s a part of Angela that believes Dexter. She bolts from the police station to have a look for herself.

Realizing time is running out, Dexter tries to get Logan to give him the keys to the cell. When Logan pulls his gun, Dexter snaps his neck. Dexter calls Harrison from Logan’s phone and says to meet him where they found the white deer. Meanwhile, Angela checks out Kurt’s layer and discovers that everything Dexter said is true. She finds all the bodies, including Molly Park’s body. She tries calling Logan but gets no answer. Dexter keeps driving when he hears Angela on the radio.

Jack Alcott
Jack Alcott as Harrison. (Showtime)

Dexter and Harrison meet up in the woods. Harrison asks where the blood on Dexter’s face came from. As he starts to put two and two together, Harrison asks if it’s Logan’s blood. “It’s the only way I could get back to you,” Dexter says. Dexter is in a rush and believes this is their only chance to get out of Iron Lake.

Dexter believes Harrison is just like him, and that’s when Harrison finally confronts his father. His anger isn’t because he’s like Dexter, it’s because of him. Dexter stayed away from him intentionally for 10 years. Dexter tells Harrison that he can stop killing with his help. Harrison doesn’t want to be his father’s caretaker. “I need to be with you,” Dexter pleads to Harrison.

Dexter Dies

Harrison says Dexter has to turn himself in. Dexter knows what that means. He could get the death penalty in Florida. “Maybe you deserve it,” Harrison says. Dexter walks away and Harrison grabs a rifle. Harrison asks if his mother, his aunt Deb would be alive if it wasn’t for Dexter. They both know the answer to that question. “Open your eyes and look at what you’ve done!” Harrison yells.

Dexter acknowledges that Harrison is right. Harrison doesn’t want to be right. He just wants to be normal. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you. You deserve better. A better life. A better father,” Dexter tells Harrison. Harrison still has the rifle in his hands. “You have to take the safety off. Just like I showed you,” Dexter says.

He adds, “This is the only way out.” Harrison replies, “For both of us.” The voice in Dexter’s head says, “I’ve never really felt love. Real love. Until now.” Harrison shoots Dexter right in the chest. They both know it’s a fatal wound.

Dexter New Blood
Harrison after killing Dexter in the ‘Dexter: New Blood’ finale. (Showtime)

Dexter’s final words to his son are, “You did good.” Deb holds his hand as he takes his final breath. And with that, Dexter Morgan dies.

Angela shows up just after Harrison’s killed Dexter. Harrison holds out his hands to be handcuffed. Angela gives Harrison some money. She tells him to leave and never come back. She hugs him and says that he has to go now. Angela wipes Harrison’s fingerprints off the rifle and radios in that this was an officer-involved shooting. As he drives out of Iron Lake, Harrison rereads the letter Dexter sent to Hannah. He gets one last look at Audrey before he goes. He leaves Iron Lake and his father in the rearview mirror and heads into an unknown future.

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