Busy Philipps, 42, Rocks Sexy String Bikini In ‘Thirst Trap’ Photo

The actress posted an unapologetically sultry photo while taking a dip in the pool while wearing a bathing suit.

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Image Credit: Flynetpictures.com / SplashNews

Is it hot in here, or is it just Busy PhilippsThe actress took to her Instagram to share a gorgeous selfie on Monday September 27. Busy, 42, posted a slightly blurry photo, which you can see here, while she was chilling in her pool. She looked super sexy in the brown bikini, looking like she was enjoying her day in the pool. She also shamelessly admitted that the picture was definitely a thirst trap!

The He’s Just Not That Into You star completely owned up to the fact that she looked amazing in the photo. “This is 100 percent the hottest self timer pic I’ve ever taken- there’s no lame comment where I try to buy back what this is: a mother f**king thirst trap,” she captioned the post before including a sweet message to her fans: “I love you.”

Busy rocking a bikini on the set of ‘Cougar Town’ back in 2009. (Flynetpictures.com / SplashNews)

While Busy was undeniably sexy, she did post a hilarious text exchange with her mom, after she posted the picture, via People. Her mother was concerned about her! “Someone commented on your insta pic about your right underarm looking swollen and it does. Please take a look and get to the Dr. If it is,” her mom wrote her. Busy told her that it was just fat, but her mom was sure. “It’s not fat!!!,” her mom wrote, and Busy responded, “Mother stop it.” Her mom texted back, “You are not fat,” but the actress told her to stop again, which her mom responded with an, “ILY.”

Other than looking drop dead gorgeous, Busy has been super, well, busy in 2021. Her latest series Girls5eva premiered in May 2021, and the actress admitted that she had a great time working on the project during a December 2020 interview with HollywoodLife. ““I’m sorry to all the other jobs that I’ve previously I’ve ever had!” she said. “It really is a dream. I’m working with the most amazing women. I’m just thrilled. We are having the greatest time.”


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