Ryan Reynolds Jokes About His Sex Life With Blake Lively On Surprise ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

Ryan Reynolds swapped places with Will Ferrell for an interview on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, where Ryan unexpectedly confessed that his and Blake Lively's sex life 'is totally normal.'

Surprise! Ryan Reynolds stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 10 instead of Will Ferrell, who subbed in for the Deadpool actor, 45, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During his chat with Jimmy Fallon, Ryan kept the surprises coming when, after Jimmy, 47, asked how the actor’s wife Blake Lively and three children are doing, he suddenly started oversharing about the couple’s sex life. “Blake is great. The sex is totally normal,” Ryan said, which caused Jimmy to laugh and clarify that he had no plans to ask a question that personal.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on November 10, 2021 (Photo: NBC)

“Hey, hey, hey! Pump the sex brakes, Jimmy,” Ryan said. “I asked no personal questions, and you’re going right in on it, all right? Barbara Walters, easy. Easy does it.” Jimmy laughed off Ryan’s trolling while admitting that he only had questions prepared for Will, who was scheduled to appear on the late-night show before the actors pulled a switcheroo. “Well fire away,” Ryan demanded to the host. The Canadian then explained that he was only interested in speaking about Will’s new Apple TV+ series The Shrink Next Door, as opposed to his own new Netflix film, Red Notice“If you bring up Red Notice, you will taste the back of my hand,” Ryan said. “I’m going to deliver for Will Ferrell because he is a golden god.”

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds (Photo: Photo Image Press/Shutterstock)

Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Will — who acted as though he was Ryan during the interview — was also asked about how Blake, 34, has been doing. “My wife, Blake, is wonderful. Thank you for asking. She’s doing great,” Will said. “It’s a busy household. She’s a great cook.” When the host questioned exactly which meals the Gossip Girl alum likes to make, Will responded, “She makes oatmeal and killer nachos.”

As for Ryan and Blake’s kids, the Talladega Nights actor also jokingly shared to Jimmy Kimmel what the three little ones — James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2 — dressed as for Halloween. “The oldest one went as Deadpool,” Will said with a laugh. “The middle one went as Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. And the baby went as Deadpool also.”

Will and Ryan’s interviews were both hilarious! And their collaborations aren’t done yet, given the actors will both star in Apple TV+’s upcoming Christmas-themed musical film, Spirited.

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