Joy Behar Seems To Make Jab At Meghan McCain After Leaving ‘The View’ Live On-Air

'The View' co-host and comedian appeared to throw a little bit of shade, during an interview with Reese Witherspoon.

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Joy Behar, Meghan McCain
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There was some serious shading happening on The View on Wednesday September 15. During an interview with The Morning Show star Reese Witherspoon, the 45-year-old actress mentioned that most people’s burning question about morning shows like The View was whether or not the hosts all like each other and get along. Co-host Joy Behar78, seemed to imply that she hasn’t always been the best of friends with some of her co-hosts on The View.

Reese was a guest to discuss her role on the AppleTV+ drama The Morning Show, where she plays an anchor on a morning news show. Of course, Reese mentioned the public’s interest in morning shows as why the series is set in one. “It was this really rich world of presentation versus what’s really happening in the background, and I think people are kind of excited to peak behind the curtain of these morning shows like you guys do. I’m sure people are always asking you, ‘What’s it really like?'” Reese said.

Joy, 78, seemed to take a jab at her former co-host Meghan, 36, on ‘The View’ on Wednesday. (ABC/Andrew Morales/Shutterstock)

Joy jumped in with a quip about how people have written about what it’s like behind the scenes on shows like The View (see: Ladies Who Punch by Ramin Setoodeh). “There are books about that,” she said. Reese then mentioned one of the most common curiosities for daily viewers of just about any show. “Do people get along? Like, do people like each other? That’s everybody’s main question!” the actress said. Joy responded that things have been going well during the current season. “Well, right now, yeah,” she said.

Naturally, fans on Twitter thought that Joy was seemingly taking a shot at her former co-host Meghan McCain36, who left the show in August at the end of the 24th season. Viewers felt like Joy mentioning that all the hosts getting along “right now” was a dig directed at Meghan. Many reveled in the shade. One person shared a GIF of Aidy Bryant playing Meghan on Saturday Night Live. A few others shared unsavory nicknames for Meghan.

While it’s unclear who exactly Joy was talking about when she made the quip, she did butt heads with Meghan on multiple occasions, when the two shared the screen. While there were plenty of occasions that they didn’t get along, Joy did offer kind words to her co-host when she announced that she was leaving the show. “We have in common here that we are on a show that we stick our necks out. We take the blowback and we stick by our points of view,” she said at the time. “I really appreciated that you were a formidable opponent and you spoke your mind. You are no snowflake missy.” Co-host Sara Haines also mentioned that Meghan wasn’t leaving due to drama in a clip from TMZ in July. While fans seemed to think Joy’s comment about getting along “right now” was about Meghan due to her recent exit, it is worth noting that The View has been airing for 25 years and has had a long list of co-hosts, many of whom Joy has worked with, who could’ve been who she was referring to.