Brielle Biermann Reveals Puffy & Bruised Face After Having Painful Jaw Surgery — Photos

Brielle Biermann revealed that she recently had double jaw surgery to correct her TMJ and overbite. She posted photos taken after surgery, which showed the painful bruising and swelling she experienced.

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Brielle Biermann
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Image Credit: Stan / Kevin Wong / MEGA

Brielle Biermann, 24, underwent major jaw surgery and has the photos to prove it. The Don’t Be Tardy star shared photos from her hospital bed after getting double jaw surgery. She had ice packs on both sides of her cheeks to help with the swelling. Brielle also showed how she had to use a syringe to drink water because she could barely open her mouth because of swelling.

The 24-year-old wrote a long Instagram message accompanying the photos and explained that she had double jaw surgery to correct her “TMJ [Temporomandibular joint dysfunction] and 9mm overjet overbite.” She stressed this was “NOT for aesthetics but for quality of life” and explained that sucking her thumb as a kid made her mouth “narrow.”

Brielle Biermann
Brielle Biermann before her jaw surgery. (Stan / Kevin Wong / MEGA)

Her excessive overbite causes her “teeth to have no contact whatsoever.” In one photo, she showed how her teeth didn’t connect after getting braces in 2020. She also noted that doctors told her if she did not get this surgery that she would “crack” her back 4 teeth and “never be able to eat again” by the time she was 27.

Kim Zolciak’s daughter is now home from the hospital and recovering. After getting through the first two weeks, Brielle said she already feels “more aligned and can breathe way better.” She also shared photos showing the bruising on her cheeks. Thankfully, the swelling started going down.

Brielle commented on her own post and admitted she was ready to get back in the gym after losing weight because of the surgery. “I also left out I’ve lost 13 pounds and weigh 122 pounds now. I feel like a twig and have lost my ass. anyone know when i can hit the gym? lol,” she wrote. Kim showed her daughter some love on Instagram and commented on Brielle’s post, “You are the toughest cookie I know! So proud of you!!! It’s only up from here!!!!”