‘Riverdale’s Phoebe Miu On Jughead Being MIA, Jessica Not Letting Him ‘Forget’ His Past & More

'Riverdale' is back after a nearly 5-month break. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Phoebe Miu about what's next for Jessica and the whole Jughead mystery.

Phoebe Miu
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Jughead Jones and Jessica have quite the history, and she’s not going to let him forget it. Riverdale is back for the back half of season 5 on August 11, and there’s much more to come where Jessica is considered. At the end of the last episode, Jughead went missing. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Phoebe Miu about Jessica and whether or not her character knows of Jug’s whereabouts.

“I mean, this is all just kind of solving a mystery that is Jughead and what’s happened to him,” Phoebe told HollywoodLife. “Jessica honestly, up until now, she’s probably the most in the know of where Jughead is at because she’s the one who’s been a part of his life for the past four years. I think Jughead’s trying to get back to his old life, but she’s not letting him forget what he’s done in the years between the time jump.”

Phoebe Miu
Phoebe Miu plays Jessica on ‘Riverdale.’ (The CW)

She teased that fans will “definitely learn a bit more about who Jughead was when he was in New York. I think the whole figuring out this mystery of why he went missing has a lot to do with his past and what he’s been through.”

Jessica was Jughead’s live-in girlfriend in New York. They had a tumultuous relationship, especially as Jughead attempted to finish his novel. Even though Jessica and Jughead’s relationship was chaotic at times, Phoebe acknowledges that the former couple has a very special bond.

“I think they came together at a time of major growth in their lives,” Phoebe said. “It was a lot of growth and self-discovery because both of them met at the same time, at the same age. They were in university together, so there’s something quite sentimental about that because, for the first time, both of them have left their homes, and they’re free to kind of be their own people. Together, they went through the crazy ups and downs of figuring out who you are. Jughead has had his fair share of wrong turns and so has she. It’s a special thing to share that with somebody. I think that bonds them together no matter what. He’s always going to be that person for her. He knows her at her very earliest beginning.”

Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones. (The CW)

Jessica left the city and actually popped up in Riverdale. Phoebe hinted that we may see Jessica crossing paths with more characters. “I’ve always loved the idea of ladies joining forces, so you might get to see that,” she revealed.

Phoebe was one of the new cast members to join the Riverdale crew in season 5. She opened up about navigating the massive Riverdale fandom.

“It was definitely nerve-wracking just knowing how dedicated and how passionate their fan base is,” Phoebe told HollywoodLife. “There are a lot of really, really passionate Jughead and Betty fans. Growing up, I was a huge Betty fan myself. Going into it was nerve-wracking. I’ve never gone into a show with this huge of a following before. It’s been very exciting. There’s been quite a bit of love actually from the fans, which I really have taken as a compliment. A lot of people are saying really nice things about Jessica, which is cool. I would think people would people would not like it. I’m sure there are people out there that are just like no, no, no. But so far, it’s just taught me that coming into something with a solid foundation means that there’s room to play. Whatever you do, there are going to be people that will enjoy it.”

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