Offset Confesses He Hasn’t Picked Out A Push Present For Cardi B Yet: ‘I Got To’ Get On That

Offset & Cardi B are expecting their second child together & the rapper admitted he hasn't bought a push present for her yet!

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It’s no secret that Offset, 29, and Cardi B, 28, are expecting their second child together and the couple could not be more excited. Offset was a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 20 when he was asked about getting Cardi a push present, aka, a present to give Cardi because she pushed a baby out. However, the Migos rapper completely forgot about it, admitting he has to get on it.

Cardi B & Offset are expecting their second child together in September & Offset admitted he hasn’t bought Cardi a push present yet but he’s going to “get on that.” (Shutterstock)

On the show, guest host Anthony Anderson said to Offset, “Your wife seems like she’s the type of woman who would expect a push gift after pushing these babies out. Do you have a push gift in mind?” Offset immediately replied, “no,” before saying, “I feel like the gift is the beautiful child already. “I’ma get her a gift, though. I got to.”

While Offset has not purchased the gift yet, we can definitely expect something incredible, considering the couple loves to get extravagant gifts for one another. The duo just celebrated the third birthday of their adorable daughter, Kulture, on July 10, when they gifted her a $150,000 diamond necklace. So, it is safe to say this new baby is going to be treated right.

Cardi and Offset got married in September 2017 and then gave birth to Kulture in July 2018. Cardi then announced she was pregnant with their second child at the 2021 BET Awards in June 2021. Their child is set to arrive in September 2021 and we can definitely expect a lot more luxury birthday parties and gifts in the future.