‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Madisson Reveals She’s Postponing Her Wedding Amidst Anxiety Attacks

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the July 14 episode of 'Siesta Key,' Madisson Hausburg fills Cara Geswelli in on why she's decided to postpone her wedding to Ish Soto.

Madisson Hausburg is feeling the pressure ahead of her wedding to Ish Soto on this season of Siesta Key. The drama continues during the July 14 episode, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview. “I have decided to postpone the wedding with Ish,” Madisson informs Cara Geswelli. She explains that nothing happened between her and her fiance, but that her anxiety ahead of the big day has been building.

“When we got engaged, I was super excited to come home and start planning the wedding in Siesta Key,” she says. “It was supposed to be a really fun thing. And then, with it being a pandemic and with Ish being gone [for work] a lot, it be came a lot less fun and a lot more stressful. I know I’ve talked to you about how I struggle with anxiety and depression sometimes. So, with the wedding planning, and on top of that, all the social media and people judging my relationship, I started getting anxiety attacks again. They haven’t been that bad since I was in college. So I just didn’t want to do that right now.”

Throughout this season, Madisson has been open about how the 20-year age difference in her relationship with Ish has begun to take a toll on her. Mostly, the comments from other people on social media had started to hit hard. However, postponing an entire wedding is definitely a big decision, and Madisson knows that she has some big conversations ahead of her.

“I do still have to tell Ish,” she reveals. “He’s going to come for my birthday, but….I don’t know…the longer I wait, the more it builds up. Tomorrow, I’m going venue shopping. We booked the tour, like, a month ago, and it’s too late to cancel the appointment. I haven’t told my parents either. I’m just worried they’re going to take this as [me not being sure] about my relationship with Ish, or [me] second guessing it or having cold feet. That’s not the case at all.”

Madisson admits that she’s worried about “making a mess of everything” and “disappointing” the important people in her life. However, Cara assures her that “people are [always] going to have their opinions,” and urges Madisson to do whatever makes her happy and “stick by it.” Siesta Key airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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