Gigi Hadid Reveals Why She Hasn’t Shown Her Daughter’s Face As She Begs For Privacy

Gigi Hadid implored photographers to blur out her daughter Khai's face if they snap photos of her while out and about.

Gigi Hadid
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Image Credit: RCF / MEGA

Model Gigi Hadid, 26, tweeted out a lengthy note on Monday July 5, where explained that why and Zayn Malik, 28, don’t show their daughter Khai’s, 10 months, face in photos. She said that they want her their little one to have a “normal” childhood, and make her own decision about whether or not she wants to be a public figure when she’s older. Gigi also begged paparazzi, fans, and press outlets to blur out Khai’s face if they happen to get a photo of the baby during the family’s upcoming trip to New York.


Gigi said that she thinks that “the integrity of the photographer, publications, or fans sharing the images,” determines whether they’ll blur out her daughter’s face. Then, she explained why they’ve kept their daughter private. “Our wish is that she can choose how to share herself with the world when she comes of age, and that she can live as normal of a childhood as possible, without worrying about a public image that she has not chosen,” she wrote.

The model then said that “it would mean the world” to her and Zayn, if people who do take pictures of them blurred out Khai’s face. “As a new mom, I just want the best for my baby, as all parents do… and I hope this can continue the conversation to protect minors in the media,” Gigi wrote, saying that she imagines that paparazzi are “overwhelming and disorienting” for a young child.

Gigi takes a stroll with her daughter in New York. (RCF / MEGA)

Earlier in the post, Gigi wrote that Khai is used to being taken out without a sunshade when she’s on her family’s farm home, but the curious newborn has also tried to open the shade herself on recent trips to New York. “She doesn’t understand why she’s covered in the city, or what I’ve protected her from,” Gigi wrote. The model also said she wants Khai to “see the most amazing city in the world, [and] the beautiful and diverse people that walk down the streets of NYC.”

Even though Gigi and Zayn haven’t shared Khai’s face with the world, Gigi has posted adorable photos of her daughter throughout the last several months. In one shot, the mom and daughter duo wore matching outfits. Gigi also said that she’s loved seeing Khai “learn something new everyday,” in a June 23 interview with Access.

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