‘The Bachelorette’: Katie Tells Off [SPOILER] In Epic Rose Ceremony Elimination

On this week's 'The Bachelorette,' Katie Thurston followed her heart and eliminated a guy who she was falling for after learning that he was manipulating her big time.

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Thomas Jacobs has rubbed many of the other guys the wrong way on this season of The Bachelorette. It all came to a head during the show’s June 28 episode, after Thomas admitted that, at first, he only came on the show to get the chance to be the Bachelor. A majority of the guys in the house were pissed about this admission, but Tre Cooper definitely took it the hardest. In fact, he took it upon himself to fill Katie Thurston in on how he was feeling during a group date.

“I think there are some things that are happening in the house that I feel like, if I care about you at all, which I do, I feel lie you need all the information that is available,” Tre told Katie. “From my perspective and from the perspective of some of the other guys — most of the guys — there’s someone we feel like, maybe, is not here for you. I feel like that’s Thomas. There’s been a pattern of manipulative behavior with him. He’s shown in one-on-one settings, he can be very manipulative and good with his words to the point where you feel like he’s lulling you into [thinking], ‘Thomas is a good guy.’ It wasn’t until I heard other guys having the same experience that it painted the picture that this guy is very manipulative.”

Thomas Jacobs and Katie Thurston
Thomas Jacobs and Katie Thurston chatting on ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

Katie was definitely caught off guard by what Tre was telling her, especially since she’d been falling for Thomas. She was even more upset when Tre filled her in about Thomas only being there to be on The Bachelor. “Wow, I feel devastated,” Katie admitted. “I’m completely blindsided. A lot of people come here open-minded to falling in love, but to come here wanting to be the Bachelor, that means you were never open to falling in love. I am here just for love — to find my husband. I think that’s a simple request.”

Katie thanked Tre for bringing this to her attention. Then, she addressed the rest of the guys on the date to see if they felt the same. Multiple other men came forward with similar complaints about Thomas. “He blatantly lied to the group, multiple times, to our faces,” someone said, while another man added, “You do hear one thing after the other and it makes you question and wonder why he’s here.”

The next morning, Katie was still struggling. “I feel like a fool,” she said. “I really saw Thomas going far. So to find out someone I was falling for was not here for me leaves me questioning everything.” Ahead of the rose ceremony, she discussed the situation further with Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. “We had a connection,” said. “I was picturing hometowns with this guy. A lot of guys expressed they don’t like him, so there’s definitely some kind of divide or something weird happening in the house.”

Thomas Jacobs and Katie Thurston
Thomas Jacobs and Katie Thurston at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Thomas vented to Andrew Spencer about what was happening. Andrew was the only guy on the group date who didn’t agree with Tre bringing up the Thomas situation to Katie, so he heard Thomas out. “At the end of the day, I feel like I’m damned if I do, damed if I don’t,” Thomas revealed. “But I’m still going to do anything I have to because I see a relationship with Katie.” Andrew responded, “You said what you said. That’s out there. As long as you tell Katie that, that’s for her to decide.”

Before the cocktail party, Thomas went to Katie’s room to confront her one-on-one. “The guys are definitely getting to me,” he admitted in a confessional. “The best way to handle this situation is just to confront Katie. If I don’t have this conversation, it shows, subconsciously, I believe [the things they’re saying] to be true. This is a big hurdle, but it’s one that Katie and I have to jump over to get to that next level.”

Katie flat-out asked Thomas to explain to her what was going on from his perspective. “I understand that there’s things being said about me.” Thomas explained. “I’m not close with a lot of guys in the house. The last two days have been really hard on me. It’s not an easy position to be in when you’re pushed to the side by everybody. But I’m not going to walk away from this. They can put me through anything they want and say anything they want about me, and I’m going to fight.”
Then, Katie brought up Thomas saying he wanted to be the Bachelor, and asked for his explanation. “The question the guys asked me, they said, ‘Did you ever think of the possibility you could be the next Bachelor?’ I didn’t hesitate and I said yes,” Thomas explained. “I went onto the show for anything and one of those possibilities was being the next Bachelor. I don’t think it’s equally as crazy that you could go into this and fall in love and meet someone who changes everything and that’s what I believe is happening.”
katie thurston
Katie Thurston on the June 28 episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)
At first, Katie did not seem convinced, but Thomas had a way with his words. He insisted that he sees “something real” with Katie and that the guys were trying to “paint [him] into something [he’s] not.” He aso vowed to do “anything it takes” to prove himself. By the end of the conversation, Katie was more confused than ever, and was second-guessing her feelings. “My feelings for him were so strong until last night,” she said. “Did he just make a mistake and I should give him a second chance? He was very honest with me, which is all I’ve asked for. I know Thomas has gone out of his way to show his affection for me in front of the guys. I can’t help but wonder…is Thomas intimidating [to them]? Is our connection intimidating to the house? Where is this stemming from and is there truth behind it? I need to figure out who to trust.”
Most of the guys were still convinced that it was time for Thomas to go home, and several of them brought their concerns to Katie at the cocktail party. It was a long night, and Katie was torn up about what to do at the rose ceremony. Before she gave the roses out, though, Thomas stepped forward and said, “I would like to openly acknowledge and apologize for any thought or moment that I wasn’t here for the right reasons. And to the guys, I want to openly acknowledge and apologize for any disrespect that you guys didn’t deserve.”
With just one rose left, Katie called Thomas up to the podium, shocking all of the other men. However, it wasn’t to give Thomas the rose. “You told me things I wanted to hear,” she said, sternly. “What I learned about you tonight is that you’re selfish, unkind and a liar. Your Bachelor audition ends tonight. So get out.”
In a confessional, she added, “Thomas betrayed my trust and manipulated my emotions. You don’t get to use me as your stepping stone to get to wherever your goal is. Not ever. I’m looking for a husband. Someone who wants to be here for me and someone who came here wanting to fall in love. I’m not settling. I’m not going to give a rose to someone I don’t see a future with.” And that’s that!

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