Britney Spears Busts A Move to Janet Jackson In Lacy Crop Top & Short Shorts — Watch

Another day, another dance video for Britney Spears who busted a move to Janet Jackson while rocking a sexy lace crop top & short shorts!

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If there’s one thing we look forward to on Instagram it’s without a doubt Britney Spears’s dance videos. The 39-year-old singer loves to bust a move to all different songs on her page and her latest video might just be our favorite. Britney posted a video of her dancing her heart out to Janet Jackson’s song, “Throb” while wearing a sexy low-cut black lace bralette with a pair of low-rise, super short black shorts. Britney is always rocking some sort of sexy outfit while she dances and she switches between wearing her hair down and up as she gets in a major workout while dancing. She posted the video with the caption, “Yesterday I danced my ass off to Janet and did yoga …. it doesn’t look that hard but it is!!!! PS … shit my roots are horrible!!!!!”

Just a few days before, Britney posted yet another dancing video to the song “Love Story” by Indila. For this dance opp, she chose to wear a low-cut black ruffle bathing suit top with a pair of short green plaid boxer shorts that she rolled at the waist to make them super short. Every time she posts a dance video, she always chooses to wear a pair of short shorts and either a bra or crop top as she puts her tummy and belly ring on full display.

There is nothing we love more than to see Britney dancing her heart out to her favorite songs. She usually busts a move in the living room of her house and she always manages to have a good time while she dances and she sure looks amazing while she’s doing it.

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