‘Jersey Shore’ Preview: Pauly Says He’s Ready For ‘The Next Level’ With Nikki On 1 Year Anniversary

Pauly D and his girlfriend, Nikki Hall, celebrate an important relationship milestone in this EXCLUSIVE 'Jersey Shore' sneak peek.

Jerzdays are back! Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns on June 3, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE clip of the upcoming episode. Pauly D is celebrating his one-year anniversary with Nikki Hall, who he met on Double Shot At Love. He goes all out to surprise her with a romantic celebration, and admits that he’s been thinking even more about the future with her.

“It is our anniversary and I’m trying to go all out,” Pauly says in a confessional. “She deserves a nice anniversary and I’m ready for this next level. I never really imagined what a woman for me would look like until I met Nikki. Then I knew.”

pauly d nikki hall
Pauly D and Nikki Hall on the June 3 episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’ (MTV)

Pauly fills the house up with rose petals and has a champagne toast with his lady. “[This year] was good for our relationship,” he admits. “I gotta say. It put me in one spot for more than a week to focus on our relationship. It was a lot of work. I will tell you this — you are my best friend and you have my heart.”

At that point, Pauly begis pulling a something out of his pocket as he says, “I have an important question to ask you.” Nikki looks caught off guard, but the clip ends before we can see her full reaction or what happens next.

Fans will have to wait and see what Pauly’s big question is and whether or not it’s THE big question when Jersey Shore returns on June 3 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV. This season, the roommates get together in the Poconos for a winter vacation, and even Snooki returns to join in on the fun. Snooki left the show in 2019, so this will be her first time back since making that decision.

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