Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Celebrate Launch Of ‘Edgy & Feminine’ Social Tourist: ‘It Made Our Sisterhood Stronger’

The D'Amelio sisters announced their own clothing brand, Social Tourist. They spoke to HL about the collection & how they celebrated!

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Image Credit: (Courtesy of the D'Amelio Family

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have combined their styles and inspirations to bring their millions of fans their new clothing brand, Social Tourist. Following the exciting announcement on May 6th, the sisters, along with their parents Heidi and Marc, had a much-deserved family celebration at their home and shared the EXCLUSIVE images with! Social Tourist, named by Dixie and Charli, “brought our individual personalities to life,” the sisters explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL.  “Edgy for Dixie, feminine and lighter palettes for Charli.”

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio celebrate the launch of Social Tourist at their home. (Courtesy of the D’Amelio Family)

Under the Hollister Co. and A&F family, Social Tourist will have four types of collections released throughout the year, beginning May 20th. There will be “dual gender items such as tee’s, fleece and seasonal accessories; trend pieces such as dresses and skirts; everyday essentials featuring premium basics including key layering tees; and swim.” “We wanted this to be as accessible and inclusive to as many people as we could, so we decided on the different collections to have something for everyone,” Charli and Dixie said. “The fits will be more dramatic (oversized in fleece and cropped in tops),and prints & graphic content will be more aspirational.”

Of course, Dixie and Charli both have their own, very individual styles, so working to bring their unique looks together, posed somewhat of a challenge. “I’m definitely more girly than Dixie is in terms of style. I like bright colors and fun designs,” Charli explained, while the “Be Happy” singer admitted her “favorite color is black.” “It just matches with everything and is so easy to style,” she said. “We wanted to make the designs modern and fresh,” they continued. “We love the minimalist vibe that is easy to style with anything.”

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio celebrate the launch of Social Tourist at their home. ((Courtesy of the D’Amelio Family)

The sisters gushed over working together on Social Tourist, and in general, revealing that their collaborations make their “sisterhood stronger.” “Whenever we can work on things together as sisters its always so much fun and we are very grateful to be able to have these experiences together,” Dixie and Charli said. “We definitely are our own people, with our own opinions. So yes we do have creative differences but that’s normal and we might bicker and fight but we always work through it and find the best compromise.”

Dixie D’Amelio poses with racks of clothing from the Social Tourist collection. ((Courtesy of the D’Amelio Family)

Be on the lookout for Social Tourist drops on May 20th, and then every 4 weeks following! All of the product will be sold exclusively through Hollister channels, in-stores, in-app, and online around the world. Check out the images from the D’Amelio’s fun celebration in our gallery!

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