Willow Smith Makes Jada Pinkett Cry By Reuniting Her Rock Band For Mother’s Day — Watch

Willow Smith proved she's an incredible thoughtful daughter -- as well as quite a rocker -- by reuniting her mom Jada Pinkett's metal band for a scorching Mother's Day performance.

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While most fans know Jada Pinkett Smith from her acting career, she fronted a heavy metal rock back called Wicked Wisdom beginning in 2002. They even landed a slot opening on Britney Spears Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004. The 49-year-old’s daughter Willow Smith wanted to recreate some seriously magical nostalgia for her mom in honor of Mother’s Day by reuniting the band. She did it in the family’s driveway for their Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk and taking her mom’s place in front of the microphone. Jada was so moved by Willow’s thoughtful surprise that she was driven to tears.

Willow introduced her project at the start of the show, telling viewers, “For the last three months I’ve been planning a huge surprise for my mom. She has no idea that I’ve been orchestrating this reunion. There’s a crew that’s going to set up the gift right here,” she explained, showing off the family mansion’s massive driveway’s empty motor court. Willow then explained that the set for Red Table Talk where her mom and grandma would be sitting was only “40 feet away,” and if they got up to go to the bathroom, the 20-year-old’s big surprise would be “sunk.” You can check out Willow’s amazing tribute to her mom starting at the 29:19 mark below:

At the end of the RTT Mother’s Day episode, where Jada, Willow and Adrienne Banfield-Norris spoke to remarkable moms, Willow told her mom there was one more surprise and to “roll the tape.” A video came up of Willow saying, “Hey ma, you might be a little suspicious recently because I’ve been cooking up something on the side for this beautiful day.” She went on to explain, “When I was, I wanna say about 3 or 4, I went on tour with my mom and her band Wicked Wisdom. Wicked Widsom was lit.”

Willow Smith
Willow Smith telling her mom she’s about to get a major Mother’s Day surprise during ‘Red Table Talk.’ Photo Courtesy of Facebook

“This is the music that I grew up around. My mother was superwoman, she was a rock star, warrior and nurturer all in one. So unapologetically bada**. ” Willow later explained,  “She was a rock star and I was living for Wicked Wisdom,” then added, “I felt like it was only right for me to pay homage to a time in her life because she showed me what womaning up really is about.”

Jada Pinkett and Willow Smith
Willow’s big surprise of reuniting Jada’s old band made the former Wicked Wisdom front woman tear up and cry. Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

“So for Mother’s Day I’m about to reunite with some of my mom’s old band members to do one of my favorite songs by my mom, which is called ‘Bleed All Over Me.’ She’s gonna be floored, I’m really excited about it,” Willow said with glee. She ended the video by telling her mom, “I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day and you’re just always gonna be superwoman and bada** b**tch,” as Jada, seen in a side-screen, cried at her daughter’s incredible gift.

Willow then led her mom and grandma outside to where a musical set had been put together with all of the band’s equipment and numerous colorful woven vintage carpets laid out underneath. “Oh my god, what is happening right now?!” Jada exclaimed. She then squealed as she saw the band’s guitarist Pocket Honore after so many years, giving him a huge hug.

Willow and the rest of Wicked Widsom then blasted into the song, and Jada rocked out as if it was still nearly two decades ago. She pumped her fist and sang along to the lyrics as Willow belted out the tune in front of the microphone. The Girls Trip star completely beamed with pride watching her daughter do such an amazing job fronting her old band and paying tribute to Jada’s rocker past. This much is clear, Willow totally inherited her mom’s musical talent and stage presence with the performance, should Jada’s only daughter decide to put together Wicked Wisdom 2.0. Now how is she possibly going to top herself next year when it comes to Mother’s Day?