Kim Kardashian Struggles To Learn A TikTok Dance With Addison Rae: ‘It’s Intimidating’ — Watch

Kim Kardashian admitted that she was 'freaking out a little bit' when she partnered up with Addison Rae to learn choreography to a TikTok dance in a new preview for 'KUWTK.'

Kim Kardashian met a new challenge in the latest preview for a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she got together with Addison Rae to learn a TikTok dance! In the clip for the upcoming episode, the SKIMS mogul, 40, and social media star, 20, started out by stretching before their practice. While chatting with Kim about potentially doing a split — even though the mother-of-four has “never done a split” before — the KUWTK star confessed that she was feeling slightly apprehensive.

“So I’m freaking out a little bit because today Addison is going to teach me a TikTok dance,” Kim shared in her confessional. As Addison showed Kim some moves, which the KUWTK star didi her best to mimick, she admitted that she wasn’t entirely getting into the groove. “I can’t get down like you,” she confessed to Addison.

Addison Rae teaches Kim Kardashian a TikTok dance in a new preview for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ [E!].
Kim went on to share that she understands that she’s “no dancer, I’m not claiming to be but if anyone’s going to make me look good it’s Addison. So I’m gonna take the time and practice this and see what I can do,” she went on. As the practice continued, with Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian offering as much support as possible, Kim found that she really wanted to make the dance “more cutie.”

When Addison encouraged Kim to go for the sexy moves, Kim still was a bit hesitant. “No like you can do it, because you’re not married,” Kim, who was still married to Kanye West at the time of filming, said to the TikTok star. So, Addison made the decision to teach Kim a completely different part of the routine, but Kim still wasn’t feeling it.

Addison Rae teaches Kim Kardashian a TikTok dance in a new preview for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ [E!].
“I have eyes, like I see I’m not the best at it but I am going to soak this all in, take it home and see if I have it in me to do this,” Kim said to cameras. While chatting with Addison, Kim confessed that she was a bit nervous to keep going. “It is really intimidating,” she told Addison. But the social media sensation assured her that it “gets easier.”

Kim promised Addison that she would “do it at home,” adding, “I want to, like, play with it and see if I can really do it by myself.” Ever the jokester, Khloe teased Kim that she did “a great job, you really did, for your first time dancing.” Hopefully, fans will get to see the final product at some point during the final season of KUWTK!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on E!

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