‘Chicago P.D.’ Preview: Voight Urges Halstead To ‘Keep Digging’ As A Case Hits A Dead-End

Upton and Halstead pull over a driver as they chase down a lead in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Chicago P.D.' Voight shows up, and he realizes this driver is likely not their guy.

Upton and Halstead are pursuing an Uber driver in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 21 episode of Chicago P.D. They spot the vehicle and cut off the car from going anywhere. Once everyone has stopped their vehicles, Halstead demands the driver to get out of the car. Ruzek and Atwater join them in surrounding the suspect.

Upton checks the car, and it’s clear. Atwater notes that the trunk is empty. Voight shows up and asks where Jessica Larson is. The driver seems to have no idea who Voight is talking about. He soon reveals that Jessica was a “no-show,” and he has proof on his phone.

Jesse Lee Soffer
Jesse Lee Soffer stars as Halstead. (NBC)

“I’ve never seen her before in my life. I swear to God,” the driver says. Voight still decides to bring the driver into the station for more questioning. “I didn’t do anything,” the driver says. Voight quips, “Then you got nothing to worry about.”

Voight looks at Halstead and tells him to “keep digging. She’s still out there.” The investigation is far from over. It’s only just beginning. They need to find Jessica before it’s too late.

The synopsis for the April 21 episode of Chicago P.D. reads: “The team pursues a crafty serial rapist. Sergeant Voight finds himself resisting some old, familiar tendencies in his quest for justice.” Nicole Ari Parker’s Sam Miller also returns.

chicago pd
Voight, Halstead, and Upton in the April 21 episode. (NBC)

In the previous episode, Upton wondered if she was unfit to be a cop during a candid conversation with Voight. “You control yourself miraculously well. You were calm, balanced, unemotional until something touches that bruised part of you, and you lose all control,” Voight told Upton. She admitted she didn’t want to be that way, and he said she could “find a way not to be.” He added that “this way’s gonna cost you.” Chicago P.D. season 8 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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