Sports Illustrated’s Kate Bock Shares Her Wedding Plans With Cleveland Cavs Fiance Kevin Love

'SI' model & Pompette CBO Kate Bock EXCLUSIVELY shared her forthcoming wedding plans with HollywoodLife.

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Bock, 33, recently got engaged to her basketball beau Kevin Love, 32, and she already has thoughts about what their special wedding night is going to look like. “Because my family’s in Canada and we still have quite a few restrictions on travel there, I think we’re hoping summer 2022 feels like it’ll be a good time,” Kate shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife during an Instagram Live Q&A on April 8 while sipping the Chief Brand Officer’s Pompette Hard Sparkling Waters. “We have not locked down a date, but I think that summer is what we’re looking for when we’re both on a break and we both have a little bit of a tan going.”

Kate and Kevin were together for five years before the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward and center popped the question. She was completely surprised at the time and now admits that she never pressured her man to put a ring on her finger. “I had no idea,” Kate said. “I was definitely the type of girl that I never, ever wanted to pressure him or have him feel like I was pushing or asking too much like, ‘So, when do you think you might?’ so I never really said anything. I knew we were in a good place and things were on the right path, but I had never pushed it, so I don’t know. It was my birthday and we went out for dinner and I’m thinking, ‘This is a really nice dinner. We’re having a really great time. He brought nice wine, we’re having nice drinks, we had a really nice dinner,’ and he did it there and it was at our friend’s restaurant and it was really special the way that he did it and I had no idea.”

The entrepreneur has been hard at work on a new flavor for Pompette while shooting the July issue for SI, but she’s made time to sneak in a few wedding dress appointments, too! “I just was in LA and I saw a few different shops with some girlfriends and it was really fun,” Kate added. “It’s really fun to see the different shapes and what’s going to make the most sense.”

The duo, who reside primarily on the East Coast, are thinking of keeping their upcoming wedding local. “I think we’re going to keep the wedding probably in New York state,” Kate revealed. “I think we’ll probably thing of doing something more international for our honeymoon, maybe.”

With the wedding still far off, they occupy their time by doing simple things at home together. “Unfortunately for us, there are far and few between nights where we have no game to go to or it’s an off day so we just need to rest and recover,” Kate said. “But when we do, it’s been really fun because I cook and he’s gotten really good at grilling, so he can take the sous chef grill job quite seriously and he enjoys himself on the grill. We can make some dinner, make some drinks– I don’t know! Chat. Just look at each other and chat, look outside with some friends. It’s just nice to just have us time.”