‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’ Recap: Geno Nearly Derails June’s Reunion With Her Daughters

June fought to get her daughters back during the April 2 episode of 'Mama June: Road To Redemption'.

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Mama June Shannon made a desperate call to Dr. Ish in an attempt to reunite with her daughters, Pumpkin and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson, during the April 2 episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption. While she didn’t necessarily want to talk to Dr. Ish, she knew that his help may be her last chance for the family reunion she’s been craving.

And fortunately for her, it seemed to work. After Dr. Ish called Pumpkin and Alana, they both decided that they’d like to meet up with their mom, however, they didn’t want her boyfriend, Geno Doak, to be there. And they made that very clear when they later called June to set up the reunion.

June wasn’t happy about the condition her daughters gave her — especially because, according to her, Geno was a huge part of her life and always will be — but because she really wanted to see her daughters, she agreed to come solo.

Everything seemed great until Pumpkin told her husband, Josh, about the future meet-up and he told her that Alana shouldn’t be going. He, of course, just wanted to protect the teenager from any further harm their mom may cause her, but in the end, he felt bad for keeping Alana from her mom. Especially if she, at 15 years old, wanted to make the decision to see her.

His cause for concern was warranted, though, because despite being told she couldn’t bring Geno to the meet-up, June did anyway. He claimed he just wanted to talk to Dr. Ish and seek some guidance on how he can rebuild his relationship with June’s daughters, but Dr. Ish didn’t like that Geno showed up unannounced.

Fortunately, the girls hadn’t arrived at the meet-up yet, and Geno said he’s leave before they did, so it wasn’t a huge deal. But his appearance still rubbed Dr. Ish the wrong way. And before the girls showed up, Dr. Ish asked June what her hopes were, to which she said she deserved a second chance with them.

Dr. Ish stressed to June that she had only been sober for nine months so she shouldn’t expect so much so soon, but June disagreed. She said she did what she needed to do to get them back in her life, and he told her, “You’re out of your mind”.

To see their actual face-to-face meet-up in over a year, you’ll have to tune in for next week’s episode.

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