‘Perfect Strangers’ Star Bronson Pinchot, 61, Sheds 60 Lbs. On Vegan Diet: See Before & After Pics

Bronson Pinchot shared incredible pics that showed his transformation after he switched to 'a healthy plant-based eating program.'

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Bronson Pinchot, 61, is embracing his new body with old clothes after losing a whopping 60 pounds while in quarantine. The Perfect Strangers star admitted he can now fit into clothing he wore in his 20s after he decided to switch to an all plant-based diet that has him in incredible shape. After sharing before and after snapshots of his old and new looks to Instagram on Mar. 8, he’s revealing what motivated him to get in shape in the first place.

It all started when he saw a photo of himself from the 2017 competition series Battle Of The Network Stars. “There was a fat old guy,” he told Page Six about the pic, which he saw in May 2020. Six months later, after clearing out all the junk food in his home and eating only vegan food, he’s now an impressive 60 pounds lighter.

“And then I just put healthy food in the house and I said, ‘OK, puppy, you can have whatever’s there’,” he said about the initial stage of the process.

Bronson Pinchot
Bronson Pinchot at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

Although he achieved the results he wanted, Bronson admitted it didn’t come without struggles. He explained that there were nights he had trouble sleeping due to the hunger he felt, but he didn’t let him stop him from sticking to the program he started. He also revealed that the weight loss comes only from switching his diet since he decided not to exercise to see if he could lose the pounds without cardio.

Bronson went on to explain that he’s been struggling with his weight since he was five-years-old and it has fluctuated throughout his life. After recently opening up a storage box that he hadn’t touched in 25 years, he found mementos and clothes from the time he played Balki Bartokomous in Perfect Strangers from 1986 until 1993. He then decided to try on the clothes and was happy with the results.

“And I just took off my clothes and put them on and they fit,” he told the outlet. “And I thought, ‘I’m pretty sure I’m the only 61-year-old within a 10-mile radius that’s getting into his clothes from when he was a 26-year-old doing two aerobics classes a day.’ And that feels pretty good. That feels pretty good.”