Melissa McCarthy, 50, Shows Off 75 Lb. Weight Loss In Gorgeous Dresses For ‘InStyle’ Cover

Melissa McCarthy modeled a long turquoise dress and stylish pastel-colored dress in the new photos for her 'InStyle' cover shoot.

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Melissa McCarthy
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Melissa McCarthy, 50, is no stranger to looking amazing and her latest magazine photo shoot is no exception. The actress, who has reportedly lost between 50-75 lbs. over the past few years, posed for incredible photos for her Apr. 2021 InStyle cover shoot and we can’t get enough of her outfits! In one eye-catching pic, she showed off her awesome figure in a long fitted turquoise knit dress and in another, she flaunted a long pastel-colored dress.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy showing off her figure in a turquoise dress. (Charles Dennington)

In the turquoise choice, she was standing on top of a black box-like platform as the bottom of the Hanifa dress was stretched out and over the box, hiding her feet. She accessorized with colorful Gucci sunglasses and had her shoulder-length brown hair down and parted in the middle.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy strutting her stuff in a pastel-colored dress. (Charles Dennington)

In the pastel outfit, she was standing with one hand on her hip and the other holding a colorful patchwork jacket, called Romance Was Born, that was reminiscent of a quilt. The Ten Pieces dress zipped up in the front and was also tied with a wraparound strap. The quarter sleeves and bottom of the dress flared out, giving the former Gilmore Girls star a slight medieval look.

In the interview attached to the glorious InStyle photos, Melissa talked about all kinds of interesting and important topics, including currently living in Australia and the COVID pandemic. The talented star has been filming the Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers with Nicole Kidman in Byron Bay and is loving it.

“I am connected to Australia in a way that I didn’t anticipate. I could very easily live here for the rest of my life. I’m in love with it,” she told the outlet. “Everyone is so chatty. I’m a Midwestern gal who lives in L.A., where no one wants to talk to you. And here I’ll be in the grocery store, and I can’t go down a single aisle without talking to somebody. It’s wonderful. I come home, and I will have had 15 conversations.”

Alongside her love of living in the “Land Down Under”, Melissa expressed her frustrations about people who don’t wear face masks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and all the fighting that the tough times have seemed to cause.

“I think the scariest thing about all of this more so than even COVID is that I truly didn’t think people hated each other that much or hated the idea of people who they don’t even know. I always wonder, ‘Do racists know anyone of a different color?’,” she said. “People who are homophobic: ‘Do you know anyone gay or bi or trans? Do you know these people, or is it the great unknown?'”

“I want to get mad, and I do get incredulous about how insane it is,” she continued while discussing the future of the world. “But who’s going to help people? If you’ve lost any sense of reality, we can’t get mad. People aren’t just wrong. They need help.”