Aubrey O’Day Reveals New Plump Lips In Video & Fans Have Strong Reactions

In a new selfie video posted to Instagram, Aubrey O'Day had noticeably larger lips, and fans had a lot to say about it in the comments section.

aubrey o'day
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Aubrey O’Day’s lips look bigger than ever in her latest Instagram video. In the clip, Aubrey shows off a heavily made-up face, including over-lined lips that are covered in gloss. She zoomed in on her face and played with her long, blonde hair in the sexy clip, which she shared with her nearly one million followers. “When is everyone going to learn,” she captioned the vid. “I catch the most life when I’m in the underestimated box. See y’all on the flip side.”

Aubrey’s dramatic look definitely got fans talking, and the comments section was flooded with mixed reactions to her plump pout. While a majority of fans gushed over how gorgeous Aubrey is, they also pointed out that she also looks great with her a more natural-looking face. “Beautiful girl but those lips are too much,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “Still beautiful but come on, your natural beauty was beyond beautiful.”

aubrey o'day
Aubrey O’Day in a white dress on the red carpet. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Many other fans were also confused as to what Aubrey’s caption meant, and if it was a hint that she’d be taking a break from the spotlight for a bit. “Babe. I adore you but like what the f*** does that mean?” someone wondered. Another fan wrote. There were also dozens of comments praising Aubrey. “You look incredible,” a fan wrote. “Soooo beautiful,” and someone else gushed, “You have a beautiful face that doesn’t need the work! But if it makes you happy screw everyone else.”

Aubrey is no stranger to dealing with comments from haters and fans alike online. In 2020, she was the victim of extreme body-shaming when the paparazzi published photos of her appearing to look quite different while out and about. To respond to the vicious trolls, Aubrey posted a gorgeous photo of herself in a swimsuit and defended herself.

“It’s so sick what ppl will do for clickbait!” she wrote. “And that my lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it. When is this industry going to stop abusing women’s bodies!” She also included a handwritten note with the date included to prove that the photo was current.

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